We never really went to the moon.

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, some people believe that the Apollo moon landings were faked by NASA, which used doctored photos, staged videos and other ploys to dupe the public. Proponents of these hoax claims argue that technology was not advanced enough for astronauts to reach the moon and return home safely; they also point to ostensible signs of studio trickery, including the fact that the American flag planted by the Apollo 11 crew in the lunar surface appeared to flutter in the vacuum of space. In 2002, retired astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who became the second person to walk on the moon in 1969, grew so exasperated with one conspiracy theorist’s accusations that he punched him in the face. The septuagenarian space pioneer was not prosecuted.



  1. If we did not go to the Moon and it was all fake how do you explain the launching of the (spacecraft) Geminii’s, Apollo’s and others…you mean they spent all of that money to actually launch something and via camera’s view went out into space and did what…???cirle the earth and then come back down onnto the New Mexico or Nevada desert then stage all of this scenario and make itlook as if we had landed on the moon when in reality it was staged?????So how much did they pay all of the Technicians to keep hush hush about this ??? A million? A billion? and are they still paying them off to keep hush hush after all of these decades of puttng on the MOON SHOW… I don’t know maybe its just me but would not that be one the greatest stories told in modern times that even one Moon Launch was totally faked or staged..???…I mean I don’t believe Oswald actually pulled the trigger that most certainly hit its mark for all to see BUT if I had first hand knowledge about who what when where how and so forth about the Kennedy Assassination then since I am still alive I certainly might want to divulge as much of the secrets I know that would turn into the biggest (and definitetly dangerous) story in Modern History….Maybe there is Union of Conspiratorial Agents out there and they are paid reallly BIG MONIES and take an oathe to keep all of this HUSH HUSH….Even today..Conspiracies abound..one the best (or worst) is that George W. Bush had every thing to do with the 9/11 Incident…MALARCHY!!!..B..S..!…I’ll tell you this much I believe President Clinton had more to do with the incident of 9/11 than George W. Bush…after all President Bill Clinton is out there in the limelight smugging shouders with President Obama especially since Obama ordered the hit on Osama Bin Laden..when President Bill Clinton could have stopped 9/11 FROM EVER HAPPENING!!!!…m.t.c.(more to come)…by the way read the facts from history…they seem to segue into a real conspiracy………………..

    1. In you make a little research you will se an alarming amount of ¨suicides¨ of sound tech´s, lighting tech´s , camera operators, during the next couple of years of the moon landings, this is a fact, just investigate governments would not pay a dime to keep someone´s mouth shut… there are other ways. Technology was advanced enough to broadcast directly from the moon, that´s also a fact too…. So why would they broadcast images taken from NASA´s headquarter´s screen instead of directly satellite broadcast the event. I dont doubt the technology was fair enough to get to the moon, but the images they broadcasted at that time and the photos they printed out are definitely fake, airbrushed, manipulated and so on….

      1. I’m not saying the pictures, to get a better quality for the public were not done on a stage, this I would not know. What I am saying is that in order to measure the astronauts heart rate and other medical monitoring along with communication this information would not have been able to receive with where the equipment was pointed if they were not really on the moon.

    2. What do they care about spending our money? It was part of a war…a cold war, anything goes . It was a retired astronaut that started the rumor because he told the public that man cannot withstand the radiation of re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere. He would be considered a relatively good source of information.

    3. They would do anything to cover up something that was already there. The government and NASA already knew that there was alien life on the moon so why not send a false spacecraft to space to the moon to cover the existence of aliens.

  2. My dad worked for a subsidiary of NASA back in the 60’s and I was a big fan of the moon landing. I cut articles from newspapers and watched all I could on TV. When this theory was first released in the media I asked my dad if it was faked. If it was something he was not allowed to talk about he would have avoided the subject or told me he could not talk about it. But instead he told me that part of his job was to monitor the astronaut’s heart rate, blood pressure, etc. and that the equipment that was used was so sensitive that if it was off by even a small amount they would not have been able to get any readings and this equipment was pointed directly at the moon. He assured me that YES we did land on the moon.

  3. kkkk that ”aluminum foil rocket” never went to the moon… was so thash! ~~ that ”film production” will never win an oscar.

  4. The pics were surely faked… the Kodafilm cameras would have been scambled. but the landing itself? surely not.
    The whole program was overseen by Nazi Scientists, the same wonderful folks who brought us the V2 rocket.

    1. They did use Kodak Film, but they actually use movie film that is resistant to temperature. The film magazines had additional shielding for radiation. Yes there were Nazi Scientists, may as well hire the best.

      1. Resistant to temp? Ok… I’ll bite.. What about radiation resistant? Because man has not… To this day… Invented a film that is radiation resistant… And there is a shit ton of radiation on the moon.

  5. Will someone please tell me
    If we didn’t plan,travel,land,explore,and return safely from the moon, why hasn’t
    Any other country with a space program attempted it since 1969 and claimed the title of first men on the moon for their own country? And God knows their are a number of them now and since that could have! No boys, forget it, it’s allready been done…and WE did it !!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Why would they be staging the landing, trying to make it look real? One segment actually says “live from the Moon”, and then the lights come down. The only way they could have pulled this off, if it’s fake, is if the Russians cooperated, meaning the “coldwar” was a farce, and all the gov’s of the world, from then till now are controlled. Another conspiracy involving the “Illuminati.”
      Strange to say the least.

    2. Friend I have been asked why cover up the truth when its apparent ,questions still remained..1-why has their been no visuals of the liner surface to date 2-was their anything discovered on preveius missions or last.3-and did humans travel already to the moon in our last world war the technology was there.4-if this technology existed then who has it now.

    3. Yes Chris if I could be so blunt what you have shown me does appear to be staged and script for Hollywood,as time goes on we can see through this hoaxed imageing to full fill an agenda for government or securitive agency with very little supervision what is the goal to keep the moon off limits.why ? We believe something was found.by the Hubble telescope and NASA and the u.s. government is keeping a lid on it for the shadow government that runs everything know.that’s why so many wars,greed corporations greed.we did photograph the luner land rover wire wheels and all at the Henry ford musium in Detroit, Mich.in 2008 and 2012 and Kennedy’s limousine. So yes Chris there is something amess. At NASA current digital imaging has advanced so much you can tell the fake photos and stage props.keep your eyes open and looking up.and you will see the truth

    1. Niels,.I j.d. viewed your clip and yes its rehersel movie film 1-no floating dust particals flooring as in limited gravity..2-lighting falls down and camera crew present…..lights camera action.more news from mayhamnews japan announced that it will explore the liner surface in the near future if they do attempt this what will be their cargo…..I wonder…..maybe they will cover the u.s…….c . Y.a.

  6. Listen with clear minds if the United Statesl
    Landed a space craft on the lunur surface wouldn’t greedy corporations be exployting that for profit and power and what about our super technology our optic s we have the space Hubble that can spot solorsystem’s and galexys ..
    So we say if we did land on the moon prove it. Show us the photos of the lunur rover, the lunur lander, the flag, in general all the stuff that NASA says they left their.
    , we have the technology to see it why don’t they let us .this is why I don’t be live we landed on the moon.

  7. I seriously weep for humanity the fact that this conspiracy is STILL believed!
    I literally don’t know how to start this rant but I’ll give it my best!

    In regards to NASA staging the whole thing; why would NASA, during the period of the great space race think ‘oh yeah, lets just stage the moon landing, that will show the soviets! Also we should launch a billion $ space craft into space so the world can see, then just wait above the atmosphere, and come back down after its all done. If anything its foolproof!”.

    Then train all the astronauts for years to go up into space, for them to be stuck in a small confined pace, for just under a month, twiddling their thumbs, in which cabin fever sets in and they all want to kill each other.

    Then the mystery of samples of the moons rocks and soil to determine the mineral content; if its the same as the Earths or different, which was to contribute hard evidence to the theories on how the moon was made (co-accretion, impact and capture), I mean they weighed one third of a tonne, so the amount they bring back must have raised some questions to it being staged?

    The photos being fake, I’m a photographer and I can understand how people thought manipulation might have been used, considering the amount is used today, but even in 1969 the technology to manipulate images wasn’t THAT good, have you seen manipulated movies from that era .. yeah. Also astronauts where specially train to use and understand camera’s as well as the effects of film and how to expose etc. They weren’t just thrown out there with a camera and get told to go for it! Another point what people do not understand is with film you think about EVERY shot because it counts, its not digital and you can’t take a million and get 1 good one, you have a roll of about 35 and need to get that 1 good one every time, especially in that situation.

    The flag moving, never guess what the moon has some gravity! So if you move the flag the flag will move, for a long time. Also because the Moon has no atmosphere it is not protected against solar winds, asteroids and cosmic rays. The solar winds can also be the cause of the moving flag.

    Too see the evidence of the left behinds, if you want to search on the Hubble telescope and waste time looking for dots on the surface of the equipment than be my guest, also because of the sensitivity of some of the cameras on the Hubble, you are most likely going to damage millions or billions worth of the most sensitive camera equipment, so sensitive they can photograph nebular’s billions of miles away, from the dimmest of light.

    Just the overall realisation that people still will not except the greatest accomplishment of mankind, the fact that humans have stepped on the moon, is just sad, people refuse to believe the impossible when it is made possible from their fixed philosophy on life, or just following the crowd. Lets not forget that the greatest minds thousands of years ago, thought the Earth was flat and that the solar system orbited around Earth.

    Just to cap it off, NASA are planning on sending people back to the moon in the upcoming years, so get use to that idea, and good luck thinking theories up to disprove that one, technology has advanced dramatically and you can’t blame everything on photo manipulation.

    1. It's a problem with the weak hand too. I cut a tendon in my weak hand in January and had to rethink how I carried, because how do you clear a jam or charge a 1911 when your weak hand is efvletifcey a club? Got pretty good at reloading the Model 60 from a speedloader one handed, though.Hope your shoulder gets to feeling better real soon.

    2. VangelV, you don't need pinpoint accuracy to understand economics. Anyway, no one has the capacity to think in hundreds of dimensions (i.e. vectors in n-space). That's why a sound general equilibrium model of a large economy hasn't been developed. Nonetheless, you can tie-together partial equilibrium models, input-output models, optimization models, contemporaneous models, etc. for a crude understanding. Hydra, are you saying if Europeans didn't have "tight building restrictions," their houses would be twice as big?

  8. You have to be kidding me ,right..so you say that we on planet earth with our most advance technology and dozens of research NASA spacecrafts looking for earth like planets in our solorsystem, cannot believe we cannot observe the moons surfaces. Like I said in my comment and you failed to comment on is why haven’t
    Big corporations that sent all this equipment to the moon show the American people what it looks like today 3/13/2015.
    I believe something is amiss. We are not being told.
    If you beleive everything your told then you believe that..then you believe john f. Kenndy was killed by one only gunman.

    1. I dont believe we went to the moon ; smoking gun when astronauts were doing media interview and asked questions about what it was like looking at the stars and other things they behaved strangely and could not answer .

  9. Friend I have been asked why cover up the truth when its apparent ,questions still remained..1-why has their been no visuals of the liner surface to date 2-was their anything discovered on preveius missions or last.3-and did humans travel already to the moon in our last world war the technology was there.4-if this technology existed then who has it now.

  10. NASA, Never A Straight Answer. I think we’re getting a lot of lies and half truths. We probably went at least once. Even the people working there were not “in the know”. My dad worked on Surveyor and wouldn’t comment on very much. As family member’s we knew how screwed up things could be. The pure oxygen capsule fire and Apollo 13 stand out as well known examples. W. G.

  11. There is more than meets the eye here as I have stated if America did make this journey then why hasn’t large corporations that where involved market their new technology food included to pass this opportunity to make billions of dollors off there new products that went to the moon, also the luner rover was filmed by serial number at the Henry ford musium in Detroit Mich.wire wheels and all in 2008.next to john f. Kennedy limousine you can still see the stains in the rear trunk area,also closer examination shows tampering of photograph and set stage.I have also met people who have worked on so call special programs and projects,anti gravity projects and the rod of god programs.something happened that we are not being told why we were lied to.so did tang go to the moon why isn’t it marketed that way toothpaste.water,first aid,communications,companies would make billions of dollors on this advertising schemes.keep looking up and you will see the truth.

  12. It was totally fake, and the reason was to show Russia we were more superior.
    Plus the fact that there were billions of dollars made on this hoax.
    Follow the money trail.

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