The Worlds Top 15 Conspiracy Theories of All Time.

Conspiracy theories have floated around for generations with new ones popping up all the time. Here is a list counting down the World’s 15 biggest conspiracy theories of all time.

15. Life on Mars and the Annunaki:

Ever since photo’s of Mars were taken from the Viking orbiter in 1976, the answer to the question of if there was life on Mars seems to be yes. Photos depicting an enormous face staring up from the surface proved to be eerie. The pictures also include a sphinx and a 5-sided pyramid. When Zecharia Sitchin released findings of tablets in what used to be Sumeria, Sitchin describes the writings telling of the Anunnaki, a superior alien race that came down and taught the Sumerians new technology.  Many speculate that the formations on Mars surface were built by the Anunnaki which also opened up the idea that the great pyramids were built by aliens using humans as slave workers.

14. Who really wrote the plays of Shakespeare?:

Since there is very little historical information about Shakespeare, conspiracy theorists believe that the actor could not have possibly written the plays but rather was used as the author to cover up the real identity of the brilliant poet. Many believe that Shakespeare himself could not have had the education to write such profound works. That the most plausible author could be either Christopher Marlowe, Ben Johnson, Francis Bacon or Sir Walter Raleigh.

13. Vaccination and autism:

Celebrity Jenny McCarthy has fought this fight for years and even Robert Kennedy Jr. voiced his opinion saying the politician believes there is a conspiracy between scientists and the vaccine industry to hide the truth about the ingredients in vaccine shots. McCarthy has said that mother’s from all over the world who have children with autism have said for years that, “We vaccinated our baby and something happened.”

12. Digital television and subliminal advertising:

Many conspiracy theorists believe that cameras and microphones have been secretly built into televisions so that the government could spy on people. Another theory along with this one is that subliminal messages are being broadcast to influence the viewers with what the government and big industries want people to believe.

11. Global Warming:

Global warming has been a hot topic ever since Al Gore brought it to the world’s stage but many theorists believe this to be a ruse in order to control the populations way of life, raise taxes and intended to lead to more controlling, tyrannical government.

10. The Holocaust:

Believe it or not there are many theorists out there who believe that the Holocaust is a hoax. Conspiracy theories claim that the Nazis never murdered over 6 million Jews during World War II but claims of the Holocaust was conspired by the Jews to advance their own interests and to justify the creation of Israel. The deniers claim that any deaths which occurred in concentration camps were from starvation or disease and not because of Nazi policy to exterminate the Jews. The Diary of Anne Frank the conspiracy theorists believe is a forgery.

9. The Shroud of Turin:

Ever since the Shroud of Turin was brought forth to the public, it has caused much controversy. Believed to be the cloth which covered the body of Christ, some say that it proves that Jesus survived the crucifixion and that the Vatican had tampered with the carbon dating results in order to protect the faith. Of course the Vatican denies that but the discussion of its authenticity continues.

8. The AIDS virus:

Conspiracy theorists believe that the AIDS virus was created in a laboratory and injected into homosexuals and African-Americans by ruse of a hepatitis-B experiment back in 1978. Thabo Mbeki, the former South African President, said that the scientific claims that the disease originated in Africa is false and that the U.S. government actually created the virus in a lab and is trying to place the blame on Africa. Theorists believe that the AIDS virus was created by the CIA to rid the country of homosexuals and African-Americans and to weaken the groups numbers.

7. The death of Princess Diana:

Soon as the news spread of Princess Diana’s death, conspiracies were popping up everywhere. All of which claiming that the Princess was murdered by the Royal Family to stop Diana from releasing embarrassing and damaging information about ex-husband, Prince Charles. In 2013, Scotland Yard announced that it was reopening the case of Diana’s death on the basis of a claim that the fatal car accident was set up by the British Special Forces. Though the British and French governments have ruled Diana’s death as an accident, the fuel behind the conspiracy theories that Diana was killed to silence the Princess, remains.

6. The New World Order:

The Illuminati and the Freemasons are two of the many secret society’s that are out there. Theorists believe that there is a New World Order that is going to come into effect and run the world under one worldwide government. Signs, like the pyramid and eye on the American dollar bill is said to be the work of the Illuminati. Many believe that the Freemasons are behind the scheme to take over the world.

5. The Moon landing:

Though NASA has ousted all claims that the moon landing is a fake, theorists believe that it was all staged because NASA desperately needed the glory of such an event and that the U.S. refused to lose the space race with to the Russians. Many believe that the technology it would take to actually land on the moon was not present back in the 1960’s.

4. Roswell:

In 1947 a press release was issued from the Roswell Army Air Field claiming that a “flying disc: had been recovered from a ranch in New Mexico. Rumors of bodies being found at the crash site caused many theorists to believe that the U.S. government is keeping the truth of aliens from the public. Later, the military took back its claim and said that, in fact, it was just a weather balloon that was recovered and that the “bodies” were actually test dummies. The amount of security surrounding Area 51 is proof enough to many that the government is definitely hiding a flying saucer and bodies of aliens from the public.

3. 9/11:

Though terrorists of Al-Qaeda have claimed responsibility for the attacks that occurred on Sept.11, 2001 many believe that the U.S. government knew of the upcoming attack and did nothing. Conspiracy theorists believe that the way the two towers went down proves that the U.S. government either planned the attack or aided in the complete destruction of the towers to fuel hatred and to justify the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

2. The JFK assassination:

On November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Theorists abound claim that there were more than one shooter and that Lee Harvey Oswald was not responsible for the sole killing of the President. Some believe that Oswald was either a patsy or worked for the FBI, KGB or the mafia. To this day the debate continues about how many shooters there were, where the shooters were and who was really behind the assassination of President Kennedy.

1. Jesus and Mary Magdalene:

The idea that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were actually married has been a hot topic of debate. Though glorified from The DaVinci Code, the basis of the theory comes from a document found in 1945 called The Gospel of Philip. The Gnostic Gospel says that Jesus had preferred the companion of Mary over any other disciple and that Jesus would kiss Mary on the mouth. The Gospel called Mary Jesus’ companion and is still being disputed today by religious experts.


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One comment

  1. I the Illuminati can be proven to exist, then most of the rest are very possible. They would make sense if the world was controlled by a secret society. Along with more recent examples like the Boston marathon and sandy hook. If any of them are proven, then that is evidence of a Illuminati type organization, which controls the media, and the minds of a lot of people.

    But right now, we have a bigger problem called islam.

    From a post on Disqus, that keeps getting deleted, even though it contains no vulgarities, and no hate speech.

    Islam is a charnel house. It was born in fire and blood and slaughter in the 7th century and has maintained the same modus operandi for the past fourteen hundred years.

    When it is strong it wages aggressive jihad. It slaughters victims
    who refuse to convert. It takes slaves and distributes concubines to its
    warriors. It rapes and loots and destroys the wealth of civilized
    societies to feed its insatiable lust for booty and plunder, battening
    on the flesh of the prosperous. It reaps what it does not sow and
    harvests where it does not plant.

    When it is weak, it goes into dormant mode. It turns its aggressive
    energies in upon itself, ferreting out blasphemy and unbelief and
    punishing the malefactors. Deprived of plunder, its cities fall into
    decay and desuetude. Poverty and degradation become the norm. The
    soldiers of Allah bide their time and await the moment when they may
    resume their rapacity.

    With the emergence of the Islamic State in the Middle East, we are
    now moving out of a three-century hiatus of Islamic weakness into an era
    of renewed Islamic strength. What seems an unprecedented horror of
    bestial behavior is actually just a return to the Islamic norm as
    practiced before 1683 throughout the lands conquered by Islam.

    All of the above is easily discoverable by any non-Muslim who cares
    to look into the matter. None of it is hidden. Yet the average Westerner
    is wearing a blindfold and earplugs when it comes to Islam. The arrant
    nonsense that is peddled by our media and our political leaders is
    swallowed by millions of people who should know better. And who could know better, if only they would raise a corner of the blindfold and take a little peek.

    The political leaders and financial wizards who squat atop the
    pyramid of Western power know full well the reality of Islam. They have
    access to complete intelligence information on what the Great Jihad is
    doing, and what its long-term plans are. Cynical self-interest requires
    that they obscure the truth and lie to the populace.

    The same cannot be said for all the millions of gutmenschen
    who go along with the feel-good multiculti program. These are decent,
    well-meaning people — I know quite a few of them personally — who
    believe the official lies and accept the unexamined premise that Islam
    is essentially a good, peaceful religion similar to Christianity and
    Judaism. They may be subliminally aware of mounting evidence to the
    contrary, but manage to screen it out to maintain the structure of a
    deluded worldview that becomes more and more untenable every day.

    How did this come about? How did Islam become the whited sepulchre
    that it is today in Western popular culture? What keeps filling the
    buckets and dipping the brushes to maintain the paint job?
    There are no simple answers to these questions.

    Again, suggesting a group that controls the media, and manipulates the masses.

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