The Nazis had a base on the moon.

After World War II, rumors circulated that German astronauts had traveled to the moon and established a top-secret facility there. Some even speculated that Adolf Hitler faked his own death, fled the planet and lived out the rest of his days in an underground lunar hideout. Connections were also drawn between flying saucer sightings—including the famous incident near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947—with the Nazis’ alleged UFO development program. These theories form the basis of the science fiction novel “Rocket Ship Galileo,” published by Robert A. Heinlein in 1947.

”Iron Sky” Is build around this conspiracy.

secret Nazi space program

Nazis on the Moon in 1945?

According to several websites whose writers failed miserably in their due diligence, the Romanian scientist ‘Radovan Tomovici’, who has studied conspiracy theories for decades, stated, For over 70 years, it has been common knowledge that the Nazis had a research program overseen by Hans Kammler during the war, with the goal of conquest and control of orbital space.” “It seems that Kammler, who mysteriously vanished [in Antarctica] shortly before the end of the war, and his team were successful. We’re in trouble now.

Unfortunately, the conspiracy theorists bloggers failed to realize that the fascinating tidbit was a piece of PR manufactured for the marketing build up of the film Iron Sky scheduled for an April 2012 release.

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Nazi General Hans Kammler in charge of saucer program

Nazi flying saucers being given a second look

After decades of derision and dismissal by the main stream media, the surviving documents and testimonies by eye-witnesses that a Nazi flying disc program did exist and actually met with some success is being revisited.

The Daily Mail asks: “Hitler’s secret flying saucer: Did the Führer plan to attack London and New York in UFOs?” while rival newspaper The Sun claims the Nazi Reich made much more progress with advanced flying saucers than most military historians admitted: “Close encounters of the Third Reich.”

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Fleeing to Neuschwabenland, Antarctica

Some contend that after the end of the war in May 1945, the Germans continued their space effort from their south polar colony of Neuschwabenland (New Swabia).

Sir Roy Fedden (an aeronautical engineer and Chief of the Technical Mission to Germany for the Ministry of Aircraft Production) stated that the only craft that could approach the capabilities attributed to the flying saucers seen around the world during the late 1940s and early 1950s were those being designed by the Germans towards the end of the war:

I have seen enough of their designs and production plans to realise that if they (the Germans) had managed to prolong the war some months longer, we would have been confronted with a set of entirely new and deadly developments in air warfare.

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A mysterious structure near the Polish town of Nowa Ruba located by the foothills of the Owl Mountains may be a part of the Nazi flying saucer program.

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Nick Cook, aeronautical expert and bestselling author

Analyst Nick Cook states:

It would be a mistake to disregard the research in Germany in the 1930s and 1940s just because it was done in the Third Reich. This kind of suppression of facts would be unscientific and would be just as bad as the suppression of facts that happened during that era.

Nick Cook is an aeronautical expert and repected advisor to the worldwide leading journal Jane’s Defence weekly. He’s also the editor of the air weapons section. His book, The Hunt for Zero Point, dealt with flying saucers, the Nazi disc program and the intense American and British quest for anti-gravity. His book was an international bestseller.

Nazi Moon enthusiasts argue that:

Many of the so-called UFO cases in the 1950s and 1960s—including the famous flyovers above Washington, D.C. during July of 1952—were actually warnings by the Nazi S. S. They flaunted their superiority over the Allies aeronautical prowess.

The Nazi S. S. continue to maintain a mammoth, underground city-factory complex far beneath the frozen wastelands of the Antarctic ice not far from U. S. and Norwegian bases.

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Patrolling the Norwegian fjords

The disciplined remnants of an elite Waffen S. S. corps and their appointed successors monitor the superpowers and continue an ingenious yet relentless campaign (begun in early 1947) of military, economic and political blackmail and extortion on a worldwide scale.

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Early model impresses S.S. overseers

The diabolical Nazi S. S. established and expanded upon a network of lunar bases whose primary purpose is to exploit the ultimate military “high ground,” control and contain the superpowers, and mine the abundant minerals available there (including Helium-3 for nuclear fusion reactors) for light and heavy manufacturing purposes to support terrestrial and lunar operations.

Some contend this is why NASA killed the Apollo program and never returned to the moon. Many space probes have returned photos of what can only be described as mining operations and structures on the lunar surface. Are they operated by space aliens? Not likely argue the Nazi theorists. More likely the Nazi space corps runs the show.

The Nazi S. S. established secret maintenance bases in extreme northern Norway, under deep lakes located within northwest Canada, Central America, southern South America, and under targeted regions of the vast oceans and seas. These areas have been hotbeds of flying saucer reports and UFO activity for years, but strangely no activity was ever reported from these regions prior to 1945.

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Staging area for advanced Nazi military flying saucer

When Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s United States naval task force confronted and engaged the Polar Waffen SS forces near the giant Nazi base of Neuschwabenland in the Antarctic in 1956 the Americans lost. The task force limped back with home months earlier than planned with almost one hundred men missing and scores more injured. One of the fleet’s ships was lost and Byrd was ordered by President Eisenhower never to talk to the news media about it the horrifying events that transpired on the southern ice pack.

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Candid photo of Kammler at reputed saucer facility

The German navy’s “super submarines” disappeared at the fall of the Third Reich. They were never sunk or scuttled and none of the Allied forces captured them. They were last reported on a heading towards the South Pole.

Tons of Nazi gold disappeared at the end of the war. The Allies never found it, nor did anyone else. Today the horde has an estimated value of trillions of dollars. Did the so-called Nazi “Last Battalion” smuggle it out of Germany before the Allied Forces arrived? Did they use it to further capitalize their Antarctic base and satellite operations in Argentina and the mountainous fortresses they built that still are in operation today in Paraguay?

Are these theorists correct? The answers may be found on the far side of the Moon.

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      1. Please read all the way through before you post stuff like this…

        “DISCLAIMER: The above article is provided for entertainment purposes only and the article, image or photograph held out as news is a parody or satirical and therefore faux in nature and does not reflect the actions, statements or events of real persons. The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed by the authors of The Sage Satire and forum participants on this web site do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of the The Sage News Network or the official policies of the The Sage News.”

        Also known as, the whole article was ADMITTEDLY fake.

      2. No China did not go to the moon lol that video is a joke look how bad the CGI is in the backround! You can see certain areas from telescopes where we have landed…. Yet as soon a China’s was getting called out on its buffoonery it “conveniently” stopped sharing photos with the public…. Let’s be seriously china can’t build anything durable enough to get to the moon…. Their 300 million “state of the art” dollar bridge built only 9 months ago collapsed when 4 trucks drove on it…. FOUR! And their explanation was the trucks were “too heavy”….. Yeah china… Smh

    1. Fake? If you look the recent development in the world politics, I would not be so sure. They obviously were able to get Putin in power in Russia and now they are seriously trying the same with Trump. After that the Nazis will land from the dark side of the Moon and rule the world.

  1. I find nazi conspiracies fascinating and like to research them quite alot the moon conspiracy is a particularly disturbing one i have heard but amazing none the less

    1. If there are actual structures on the Moon, Occam’s Razor definitely leans towards them being human as opposed to alien…Nazis on the Moon makes more sense than aliens, especially since the Nazis were so technically advanced, stated openly about going into space, and had the resources (and the science) to accomplish this.

      The real question is…why haven’t they attacked yet? With the ultimate “high ground” position, they could easily pummel the rest of us into submission just by tossing boulders at major cities. I doubt they could directly invade us…if their offspring were born and raised in a .6G environment they couldn’t even walk around on Earth easily. But they could drop a few giant rocks into the oceans and set off waves that would wipe out half the Earth’s population in a single day.

      1. So many problems here. The nazi’s were a political party that ruled over a country. They got their power from the country they ruled, and they lost that country when they lost the war. If a few of them managed to divert important resources from the war effort to escape to a moon base, A. They should have used those resources to try and not lose the war and B. They would have run out of resources pretty quickly when they found themselves isolated on the moon with nobody left on earth to help them.
        Also, they should not build a secret moon base with a gigantic swatztika on the roof that can be photographed from earth.

    2. I love to learn about Nazi conspiracies also but in my free time but this one does freak ,e out cause if they are still up there then what will they do if they plan to strike the US and Europe, ect. or if they have nukes also but that is if it’s all true and I also wonder what the US would do about because we can’t send anymore f*ckung nukes into space now.

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  3. As crazy and almost impossible as it may sound within the Nazi War Machine there were all kinds of INCREDIBLE ways and means of wanting to conquer the World as it was back then…after all they are the ones to implemant rocketry as useable weapons of war not only locally but they were able to send them long distances in the sky under radar (..i.e.ICBM Missles with the payload of Nuclear or Atomic Warhead)….not only that but the idea of the “Jetpack” is where this new invention had come from..and they were also working on the possibility of inventing an actual working “DEATH-RAY” AND not only weapons and other systems of High-technical advanced qualities but also were ahead of their time with the introduction of “CLONING” (this is where one of the theories that Hitler was NOT killed but that a CLONE of Hitler had been executed in his place..CRAZY STUFF)….Now get this, The Idea behind HItler’s notion of a master race came not from his own mind but from around the asian and/or Middle Eastern Countries..yes the notion of Aryan or Master Race came these areas …Now that notion lives on within the idealogy of the Belief System of Islam and yes there is a Flag out there not only with symbols that represent Islam but there is also A flag with the Islamic symbols combined with the Nazi Swastica…I know some people and even have a neighbor who are Muslim or believe in the religion of Islam..and I like these people but I cannot agree that this Belief system is one of peace….In fact when you step back and look at this the belief system itself seems as if it evolved out of some kind of Science Fiction Novel or story of some sort …after all they pray to this large “cube” that sits in the middle of the desert in the Middle East..this cube comes from outer is what was left over from a large meteorite that fell in this area thousands of years age….AMAZING!!!!…THAT CHUNK OF METEORITE OR CUBED STONE IS PROBABLY PRICELESS especially for those that work in Science or those that are curators for a museum of historical or scientific motivation….. much more to come (m.t.c.)………

    1. well I would have prefered Hitler to win the war….he was vegetarian and animalloving and wanted to develop alternative energie….ufo-technologie and peace between all nations not like the cabalcomplex of today!!!!!!!

    2. Von Braun had very detailed plans for rockets that could have easily made it to both the Moon and even Mars…without him and his team the US would have taken several more years to get to the Moon, if ever!

  4. After seeing ‘specials’ and such concerning the sudden end of
    Apollo flights to the moon, it seems plausable that there is something on the moon that our government isn’t talking about.
    Secret Nazi bases, secret US bases, or something more sinister.
    Who knows?

  5. After initially reading about this some months ago, I thought the story was based on mythology- the type of which so often arises followning great events. However, as you read through articles and conduct searches for information about Nazi agendas, you realize that even Hitler’s own personnel alluded to such things. Ultimately, it brings into question why the U.S. and Russian governments spend so much money exploring the moon. Yes, it could be argued that it is merely for the purpose of scientific exploration but knowing that NASA is a goverment agency and seeing the focus and efforts made to build moon bases, suggest there may be other reasons.

  6. 1. It is not the UFO’S which are classified but their place of
    2. USA government has diverted public attention from
    reality by cleverly processing the aspect of extraterrestrial
    origin of the UFO’S – and this idea was promptly and
    naively supported by writers and fanatics of the kind,
    scientists and many others obsessed by the Alien theory
    – this is because this theory “sells” more than any other.
    3. Unfortunately there is NOT a single hard proof to
    substantiate the Alien origin of the UFO’S and this
    renders all UFO crashes and dead alien bodies found or
    Alien technology acquired as mere allegations and gross
    exaggerations !

    4. Almost all flight routes of UFO’S are polar, i.e. from pole
    to pole.
    5. The frequency of UFO sightings is very high – If these
    sightings truly represent Alien aircraft it means the
    Aliens have a regular force coming and going to the
    mother-land constantly, not to say daily – which proves
    this is not an extraterrestrial hypothesis but rather a
    terrestrial business.
    6. Panic and confusion will result not out of an official
    announcement of extraterrestrial spacecraft but out of
    the news that this Force is under our feet in
    Sub-terranean bases !
    7. Obviously these air vehicles are not suitable for
    interplanetary travel but are only surface surveillance
    8. Every now and then we hear of a new UFO crash –
    which is highly improbable for an Alien Force
    to travel through space and crash on earth’s surface in
    such a high frequency !
    9. There is a mountaion of proof to substantiate the UFO
    are in fact artifacts of superior technology applied by the
    scientists of the Third Reich,, and, to this effect we may
    recall that THOSE WHO SPEAK DO NOT KNOW,

  7. this sounds weird but 8 years ago i was doing research on my family history, and being that i am of old german decent around 1037 a.d stuff from ww2 came up hitler was into so much weird stuff, he had special “departments” comunicating with aliens, searching for alantis. all of these things, i mean german scientist captured during ww2 did create the spliting of an atom, and had basically finished it after they were captured by us government. so the idea itself isnt enitrely implausible. its actually entirely plausible. to disregard it because it sounds too crazy is naive, and to put it bluntly very stupid. how many technological and scientific feats once thought crazy and outlandish have we discovered and take for granted on a daily basis, just because its crazy and outlandish dosnt mean its not true

    1. The yanks went to the moon because they left mirrors there which to this day reflect laser light from Earth which Physicists use to measure the distance between Earth & the moon very accurately.

      There is a base of extraterrestrials on the back side of the moon whoch has been there for thousands of years.

      There are authentic NASA pics illustrating buildings, structures in decay on the back side of the moon which prooves that the moon was colonized by a technologically advanced civilization in the past,
      possibly human. ie: the shard & the tower (lunar orbiter III, 1967)

      Every Apollo mission to the moon was monitored by ET UFO’s. Apollo 11 mission in 1969 was ontercepted pn the moon by ET craft. Testimony by C. kraft, M. Chatelain et al. confirm this & is back it up!. The yanjs never returned to the moon because they were warned off.

    2. Completely true mike, also once you have seen something, YOU CAN NEVER STOP BELIEVING! they say the stars in orions belt are intersteller spacestation’s NOT OF HUMAN ORIGIN. People have stated “wait till people LOOK AT THESE” they said this shit with a smile. knowing one day we would finally know. BUT not everyone can use a billion times zoom telescope. NO, we need to be a scientist, or some extremely rich person.

      but why would someone state, WAIT TILL PEOPLE SEE THESE? if its just a star? what if its such a massive space station, with “solar” like panels reflecting light back… creating the illusion of a star.

      hahaha, also look back at 2013, youtube objects by the sun…

      there are two recordings of a sphere type object by the sun, about 100x bigger then earth

      (people call this the maya sun god) i dont know what it is,

      then there is an obvious space ship, about 10x the size of earth seen hiding behind the sun.

      IN OUR SOLAR SYSTEM. capable of holding 40 billion + beings.

      oh and heres a discredited predecessor of the american space program (hes before nasa)

      everything they say about aliens, lines up with everything that is happening.

      so its up to you to believe or be blinded. GOD ISNT REAL, BUT LIFE OUTSIDE OF EARTH IS

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  11. Yo man, this is the illest I’ve ever seen. Those nazi took me to the moon in exchange for killing 10 jewz!

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    Bloody and bugger were the two most prevalent swearwords in the 18th and 19th centuries. There is ample evidence of their use, from multiple sources, because they were employed frequently (remember Shaw’s contention that bloody is “in common use as an expletive by four-fifths of the British nation”) and because they were considered less offensive than many other obscene words. It was possible to print the two, even if they had to be disguised as b——y and b-gg-r, where f——k would have been impermissible. But there is tantalizing, if sparse, evidence that our other modern swearwords were making the same transition at the same time, becoming not just obscene words but swearwords, used where one once would have used an oath. By the 1860s, swearing probably sounded much as it does today, with obscene words doing much of the work of swearing, and with religious words — damn it, Jesus, oh God — employed frequently but to less effect.

    The evidence for the most part comes from records of court proceedings, where people’s spoken language was recorded verbatim; from pornographic books, where obscene language went hand in hand with obscene doings; or from dictionaries whose editors were brave enough to include bad words. Let’s take fuck, for example. Around 1790, a Virginia judge named George Tucker wrote a poem in which a father argues with his son the scholar, “‘G—d— your books!’ the testy father said, / ‘I’d not give ——— for all you’ve read.’” According to Jesse Sheidlower and Geoffrey Hughes, the third ——— is replacing “a fuck,” producing the first recorded example of the modern teenage mantra, “I don’t give a fuck.” This poem didn’t see the light of day until a scholarly edition of Tucker’s work in 1977. Tucker’s great-granddaughter published some of his poems in 1895, but she somehow didn’t see her way to including this one. By 1879, the evidence is less equivocal. A character in the mock Christmas pantomime “Harlequin Prince Cherrytop and the Good Fairy Fairfuck” (1879) declares, “For all your threats I don’t care a fuck. / I’ll never leave my princely darling duck.” (The panto relates the story of Prince Cherrytop, who has become enslaved by the Demon of Masturbation. The Good Fairy Fairfuck helps him conquer his addiction to self-abuse, so he can embrace the joys of holy matrimony with his betrothed, the Princess Shovituppa. It was written by an eminent journalist for the Daily Telegraph, whose work had also been published by Dickens and Thackeray.)

    In 1866, a man swore in an affidavit that one Mr. Baker had told him he “would be fucked out of his money by Mr. Brown.” The notary who recorded the testimony editorializes, “Before putting down the word as used by the witness, I requested him to reflect upon the language he attributed to Mr. Baker, and not to impute to him an outrage upon all that was decent.” Luckily for us, the witness insisted he copy it down, outrage or no, and so we have the first recorded use of fuck meaning “cheat, victimize, betray.” In 1836 Mary Hamilton was charged with using “obscene language” in the street — she followed a group of other women, called them “bloody whores,” and “[told] them to go and f … k themselves.” An 1857 abolitionist work relates the story of a slaveholding doctor who whipped one of his slaves on Sunday. The woman “writhed under each stroke, and cried, ‘O Lord O Lord!’” The doctor “gazed on the Woman with astonishment” and said “Hush you ******* b h, will you take the name of the Lord in vain on the Sabbath day?” (“******* b h” = “fucking bitch”). Again we have circumstance to thank for the preservation of this insult. The authors of the antislavery tract were invested in making slaveholders appear as foul and morally bankrupt as they could, and one easy way to signal that was with obscene language. And though they provide no examples in their slang dictionary, Farmer and Henley describe both the adjective and adverb forms of fucking as “common.” The adjective, they note, is “a qualification of extreme contumely” (“fucking bitch” is a pretty good example of that), while the adverb (“I am fucking furious!”) is “intensitive and expletive; a more violent form of bloody.” If fucking was “common” in 1893, when the volume containing F was published, it was probably in pretty wide use for some years before that, as the 1857 example implies.

    So by the mid- to late 19th century, we have many forms of fuck being used just as they are today — “he fucked me over,” “go fuck yourself,” “you fucking bitch,” “I don’t give a fuck,” et cetera. What about our other swearwords? Shit was apparently used in modern ways back then too. In an investigation of voting fraud from 1882, one man was recorded as telling another, “Shit, that’t nothen [that ain’t nothing]; get your father to swear that you are twenty-one.” This is shit as an interjection, just as we use it today: “Shit, I got a parking ticket.” And we’ve already seen the “West Somerset Word-Book of 1886″ record shit as a “term of contempt,” which, it notes, is “very com. [common].”

    The same dictionary includes a definition for nackle-ass, an adjective meaning “poor, mean, inferior, paltry: applied as a term of contempt to both persons and things indifferently,” as in “Why do you not buy yourself a knife worth something; (and) not keep about such a [nackle-ass] thing as that?” or “A plat-vooted [flat-footed], nackle-ass old son of a bitch!” While nackle-ass in particular doesn’t seem to have made much of an impression beyond West Somerset, it is strikingly reminiscent of our own modern and widespread -ass constructions — big-ass, bad-ass, dumb-ass, and so on. It is different, too, from the Renaissance construction burnt-arsed, as in “burnt-arsed whore.” This was a literal use — it meant “infected with venereal disease.”

    One final example will have to suffice: in 1894, a New York man murdered an acquaintance partly because the acquaintance wouldn’t stop calling him “cock-sucker.” It’s not clear who started the bad blood originally, but the deceased escalated things by ordering drinks for a group of men but excluding his murderer with the words “Treat them five and leave that cock-sucker out.” He then smacked the defendant on the nose and called him “cock-sucker” several more times. When at one point the defendant didn’t have enough money to pay for another drink, the deceased also butted in with “Let him stick it up his ass.” Eventually the defendant left the bar, came back with the gun, and shot the man who had repeatedly called him “cock-sucker.”

    These examples sound practically contemporary. The words in question, fuck, shit, ass, and cocksucker, were chosen for their emotive charge, not to denote as directly as possible some part of the body or action. They were employed to shock and offend, or to express the speaker’s emotional state. Most of these are also figurative uses, not literal — nackle-ass has nothing to do with the buttocks, to be “fucked out of your money” has nothing to do with sex. It is possible that cocksucker was meant literally; the defendant repeatedly asserted that he was not a cocksucker. It was still an extremely offensive word, however, with a shock value out of proportion to its literal meaning — it led, after all, to murder. Examples of words like these are much scarcer than ones involving bloody and bugger. They are considered to be worse today, and were probably more offensive in the past as well (“an outrage upon all that was decent,” as the notary put it in 1866). Whether or not they were used less frequently in life — and they probably were not, given that fucking and shit were both described as “common” by their dictionary editors — they made it into print far less often. An essayist for the Gentleman’s Magazine of 1891 echoes the lexicographers’ insistence that these words were common, opining that “the ‘bad language’ of the present day must be characterized as obscene rather than profane.” The flexibility of bugger reveals that the contemporary grammar of obscenity existed in the early 19th century; the ubiquity of bloody shows that 19th century people used bad words with abandon. Coupled with the tantalizing but few Victorian examples of obscenities that have come down to us, it seems safe to say that by the 1860s, and perhaps even earlier, people in America and Britain were swearing much as they do today.

    Another, related question is when obscene words started to be identified as “swearing,” along with oaths. Many works of the period that address swearing refer to “profane swearing and obscene language,” as if these are still considered to be separate but related kinds of speech. The entry on swearing in “Chambers’s Encyclopedia” of 1892, however, notes that “by oaths are loosely understood many terms and phrases of a gross and obscene character, as well as those words the use of which implies profanity proper.” And the Boston magazine Liberty identified both obscenity and profanity as types of swearing in 1887: “We say that it is no worse to swear by the realities of nature as exemplified in the human body than to swear by a holy ghost. One is obscenity; the other profanity.” Certainly by the early 20th century, we achieve our confused state in which “profanity” — originally a religious concept indicating the opposite of sacred — refers almost exclusively to obscene words, and “swearing” includes both oaths and obscenities.

    Gamahuche, Godemiche and the Huffle

    Though Victorian people were swearing in much the same way that we do today, not all the bad words of the time are as familiar as fucking bitch. Many of these words rich and strange are not swearwords per se but terms for topics so esoterically taboo that they would never have come up in polite conversation. In his 1785 “Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue,” Francis Grose includes to huffle, which is “a piece of bestiality too filthy for explanation.” (The 1788 and 1823 editions decide that discretion is the better part of valor and fail to mention the bestial practice at all.) Grose also lists “to bagpipe, a lascivious practice too indecent for explanation.” Even Farmer and Henley, brave champions of obscenity who boldly explained fucking, refuse to define to bagpipe in their dictionary — they simply repeat Grose’s definition manqué. One hopes for something really spectacular from these words, but they are simply the Victorian version of blow job, slang for fellatio, a practice evidently much more shocking one or two centuries ago. Another popular Victorian word for this lascivity was gamahuche. It derives from French, so it probably was a euphemism used in order to lift the tone of huffle and bagpipe out of the gutter. It more properly means “mouth on genitals,” as it can be used for both fellatio and cunnilingus.

    Larking is another “lascivious practice that will not bear explanation,” according to Grose in 1785. (It also disappears from later editions of his dictionary.) It is a bit harder to figure out to what larking refers. Farmer and Henley go with fellatio again, but Gordon Williams argues persuasively that larking is having sex with the man’s penis between the woman’s breasts. In an 1800 engraving called “The Larking Cull,” the man is shown in just this position.

    A practice considered less horrifying, in that it gets a real definition, is to tip the velvet. In the 18th century, this apparently meant “French-kiss” — Grose describes it as “tongueing a woman,” or “to put one’s tongue into a woman’s mouth.” A hundred years later, Farmer and Henley are defining it as cunnilingus. It is possible that the meaning changed in the intervening years, or that it was already ambiguous in the 18th century — “tongueing a woman” could refer equally to either action. Such kissing does seem to have been considered deviant; “Harris’s List of Covent-Garden Ladies,” a guide to London prostitutes published annually between 1757 and 1795, mentions how “a velvet salute of this kind” from Miss H— lsb—ry “had nearly disgusted Lord L——.” For two guineas they worked it out, however: “he found that her tongue was attuned to more airs than one.” (Covent Garden was a well-known center of prostitution. According to Grose, covent garden ague was venereal disease, a covent garden abbess was a bawd, and a covent garden nun was a prostitute.)

    Other wonderful words that may be unfamiliar to you include godemiche, another French import, meaning “dildo.” A dildo, Grose helpfully explains, is “an implement resembling the virile member, for which it is said to be substituted, by nuns, boarding school misses, and others obliged to celibacy, or fearful of pregnancy. Dildoes are made of wax, horn, leather, and diverse other substances, and if fame does not lie more than usually, are to be had at many of our great toy shops and nick nackatories.” Grose is wonderfully able to describe what a dildo is while denying any firsthand knowledge of them. Lobcock is “a large relaxed penis, also a dull inanimate fellow.” A rantallion is “one whose scrotum is so relaxed as to be longer than his penis, i.e. whose shot pouch is longer than the barrel of his piece.” Fartleberries are “excrement hanging to the hairs about the anus, &c, of a man or woman.” (Here &c, “et cetera,” is back to being slang for the private parts.) And then there is burning shame, “a lighted candle stuck into the parts of a woman, certainly not intended by nature for a candlestick.” Why this lascivious practice bears mention when larking and huffling don’t is not completely clear. Grose defines cunt as “a nasty name for a nasty thing”; perhaps he was simply unable to deny himself the pleasure of the pun: burning shame is “terrible shame/shame (cunt) on fire.”

    There were many vulgar slang words for the penis and the vagina themselves as well. Pego was popular, as were words that depicted the penis as splitting the woman’s anatomy or plugging a hole: arse-opener, arse-wedge, beard-splitter, chinkstopper, plugtail. It was also Thomas or man Thomas, machine, and tool, which are still in use today. The vagina was the monosyllable (Grose’s default word), quim, or pussy, a woman’s commodity — what a woman has to offer in the free market — or her madge (Madonna’s nickname is more appropriate than we thought). Slang for sexual intercourse included roger (also 18th and 19th century slang for the penis; popular in Britain today), screw, and have your greens, the last putting a different spin on a phrase I have shouted at my children for years.

    Breasts and bubbies were the standard terms for breasts in the 18th and 19th centuries. Bubbies was pronounced “bubbies,” as in Jewish grandmothers, not “boobies,” as in our own juvenile word for breasts. Harris’s List finds many occasions to describe bubbies and breasts — Mrs. Books, who lodges next to the pawnbroker on Newman Street, for example, “is tolerable well made, with well formed projecting bubbies, that defy the result of any manual pressure, panting and glowing with unfeigned desire, and soon inviting the gratification of the senses.” Betsy Miles, at a cabinetmaker’s in Old Street, Clerkenwell, is “known in this quarter for her immense sized breasts, which she alternately makes use of with the rest of her parts, to indulge those who are particularly fond of a certain amusement” — larking, it sounds like. (She does it all, actually, “backwards and forwards.” “Entrance at the front door” is “tolerably reasonable,” but she gets “nothing less than two pound for the back way.”) Diddeys was another word for the breasts themselves, while bushelbubby was slang for a woman like Betsy Miles, who had large breasts. When the List describes the “two young beautiful tits” of Mrs. Mactney, Great Titchfield Street, however, it is referring to her teenage protégées, not her breasts. Tit came into its modern meaning only in the early twentieth century; from the 17th to 19th centuries, it indicated a young girl. (Tit as a variant of teat was used in the early Middle Ages — a 10th century vocabulary defines mamilla [breast] as “tit” and papilla [nipple] as “titt-strycel.”)

    Excerpted from “Holy Sh*t: A Brief History of Swearing” by Melissa Mohr. Published by Oxford University Press. Note that Oxford University Press USA reserves all rights in the Work and the Excerpt except as explicitly provided herein.

    Melissa Mohr has recently been dividing her time between writing a book about swearing and hiding it from her kids. She received a Ph.D. in English Literature from Stanford University, specializing in Medieval and Renaissance literature. Her most recent book is “HOLY SHIT: A Brief History of Swearing

  13. It would not be very likely that the Nazis had done this, considering that their industry was crumbling at the end of the war, and to build base on an unstable melting continent? Conspiracy theorists are a joke, this is merely an entertaining thought people like me (intelligent, but stuck between open minded and near sighted) like to humor. The Nazis had a vertical launch program, yes. It was a success, no. Most of those photos are fake (if not all). Stop being gits and be logical.

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  15. i guess you always know when a website is telling the truth because you always find negative replys no rational person would take the time to look up and read on such subjects if they didnt believe it..what in the world would lead you to this web site.are you telling me that you were so damm bored with your little life that you had nothing else to do…. REALLY….

    1. these kind of websites are just for entertain purpose instead of watching science fiction movies 😛 😉

  16. Its a nice blog, i improved my imagination skills here. These things r just a single person’s imagination not a true event, whether these points are published before in a newspapers but those kind of things are did for their business purpose to sell their news wide.Buts you guys still talking this same use less things still now.,, COMEON PEOPLE’S THINK BEFORE YOU BELIEVE……!!

  17. I highly believe in the UFO programs, And the Antarctic base, but, they say that they moved all there vertical launch craft to the Facility, Though I honestly want someone to launch an expedition. There is proof that the Nazi claimed land in Antarctica was never surrendered. So there is a possibility the Nazi’s are still operating.

  18. i’ve heard that the moon’s craters have a convex node in the middle of them… and that the moon reverberates very well. it sounds like the moon is one big giant speaker!

  19. I really love this article and I am here to put these rumors and conspiracy’s to rest I am going on an expidition in about 6 or 7 years (once I have all my research and equipment ready) to places like Antarctica and go on a dig to look for these lost cities and and test sites where the hanebu’s are being made at find the helium 3.

    1. The real question we should be asking ourselves is what happen if that are in anytartica what would we do who would we notify what if u r captured if u go on the expidition

  20. I believe in the Nazi Moon Conspiracy. It is real. Why do you think they ha advancements in the V2 rocket!? They are going to the moon. Hitler didn’t kill himself! It was all a cover-up. He is siting on the moon right now drinking a Margarita talking to JFK about the good Old days. Fine Laugh at my theory’s! That’s what they did in high-school but the evidence does not lie! I will stand for what I believe in. You are also ignorant if you do not believe that the Earth is hollow.

    Why do I say that? Yet again its the Nazis that have changed our outlook on life so much. They have done so much. I can’t wait to prove everyone wrong. My work is finally coming together. Fill free to send ravish emails about how I’m crazy. I’ve been told how inconsiderate I am of life itself. Nonetheless the Nazis are on the moon and inside the Earth!

    It is just a matter of time before the do something. And by that They Will Take over the universe. What do you think is going on? They are going to wipe out human civilization, with the alien breed. Then they will test on the aliens and make them Robotic weapons of mass destruction. After this they will wipe out any other civilizations and take over the universe. Then they will kill off the Alien Breed.

    Have you seen the movie Apollo 18? That movie was about the U.S astronauts going to the moon and being attacked by “rock aliens”. But they weren’t just “rock aliens” they were the prototypes of the Nazi Alien Breed. The American Government hasn’t gone back? Why? It’s because they know what the Nazis are doing.

    Call me crazy, but when all of this happens you all will be praising me like a God. But destruction will already be eminent before you morons realize the truth.

  21. Have you ever considered publishing an ebook or guest
    authoring on other websites? I have a blog based
    upon on the same ideas you discuss and would love to have you share some stories/information. I know my viewers would value
    your work. If you are even remotely interested,
    feel free to send me an e-mail.

  22. They are right about the nazis only few people kno y do u think that NASA has stopped sending rocket ships to the moon because of the moon nazis

  23. Greetings! I know this is kinda off topic
    but I’d figured I’d ask. Would you be interested in exchanging links or maybe guest authoring a
    blog post or vice-versa? My site addresses a lot of the same subjects as
    yours and I feel we could greatly benefit from
    each other. If you’re interested feel free to shoot me an e-mail.

    I look forward to hearing from you! Superb blog by the way!

  24. Hi

    The moon bace thing is bullcrap….. But in my opinion it is possible to establish a bace in Antarctic. Their was this video. Possibly 50s or 60s era and they did a bace from start to finish and showed how they did it and the technology they used to construct the bace.( YouTube btw) we all know they calmed land ( New shwalbia or smin like that) and like you said the u boats disappeared with no trace but one… Antarctica. Then. Kammler went in the Amerika bomber ( junkers smin) and went without a trace? Obviously…. Antarctica? Well I don’t wana wake up one day seeing a hanabu iii hovering over my head, loads of me262 Haiti’s and HO229 and a massive Ratte or mause tank in my back garden!! Do you? XD

  25. I have been saying this for years the story is Hitler was killed by rommel and then he was the commander of the 4th reich in 1945 they went to the moon and they want all of the planets. Along with the Russians on Mars and dinosaurs on Pluto.

  26. the american goverment dont tell the truth about any thing and they know a lot more then any think there secrets hide up right up there fucken ass im going to let you know the germans made first contact with ufos and the amercan govermant got jelise of the tecnoligey so they went into war because it would benifet them selfs only thats the only reason would war 2 happend

  27. I’m really not sure about Nazt Base in Antarctica or a base on the Moon..but,,Man(in General)
    sure got smart in a 50 year period since WW2..just maybe..the Germans did recover a crashed UFO craft in the forest in 1936!!?? The Germans who came over to the USA and were under operation “Paperclip” said they received help from Aliens…and governments would never put that “we are working with Aliens” out there…mass panic..everything would go to…bottom line is…if You Believe..OK…if You don’t..thats OK too! They have been here for too many years to count…WE..are their Child Race!

      1. When Apollo landed, Chimera ships were parked on the edge of the crater. Looking “huge and menacing”, with an ultimate message – don’t come back. It was all a setup however and this event has been part of the coverup and disclosure process. It was all staged.

        In secret the non-public Russian/American SSP set up bases under supervision of Chimera all across the solar system. Chimera directed this and we were told it was due to an alien threat to earth. In reality they used human earth resources in Solar Warden and the corporate SSP to establish the infrastructure needed for an Archon (negative astral entities) invasion. This happened in 1996.

        Since then the Light and human collective awareness have made great strides and we will soon be free from both Chimera and the Archon network when the veil is broken.

  28. We will learn the true someday but how are we willing to know what is really going on in space?

  29. Dr. Ing. Hans Kammler was head of the secret space program that developed under Nazi Germany. The aim of this program was to wrest control of our solar system from the Chimera group. I’m not out yet on how much Kammler knew on this and whether he worked for the good or not. Either way the SSP set up bases in Antarctica, Greenland and Argentina. From there it established a moon base and one on Mars, using normal construction techniques and materials as here on earth. All this was made possible by the “Kammler group”, using government, commercial and social resources and organisations to bring into reality the SSP. This SSP was operational until the late 1940s where in a set of fierce battles with the then more powerful Chimera group, the SSP was wiped out. Chimera then became actively involved considering the “human threat” to their space and near space hegemony and established contact with the US. The rest is history.

    Elements working under the German SSP program and aligned to the Vril organisation joined the Agarthan network at the defeat of the German SSP and these are the ones Baird encountered saying goodbye in German. These elements work for the good and are still active today.

  30. Their is NOTHING on the Moon..that is why we have not gone back there! Trust Our Government! LOL…

  31. What most don’t realize is all the info the Nazis and others received are from far more sinister life forms than Aliens. These are real fallen Angels and Satan of the bible. These life forms are indestructible, far superior to us in knowledge of not only this universe but the Quantum realm beyond. Their ultimate desire is to destroy mankind or get them to destroy each others. These angels gather together and fly and illuminate them selves like flying saucers but are seen from the quantum realm. they create hybrid beings and animals that live around us (like the greys) and Nephilim) and they caused stupid evil mankind to make UFO craft. They them selves don’t need flying craft. They given technology to mankind earlier causing the flood. Satan will come into our realm to rule very soon now and the tribulation is about to happen. Eternal God of the bible is still running things and soon his people (Born again christians and Jews ) will be taken off the planet for 7 years while this present world is ended and fashioned in to an everlasting heavenly world. All evil will be eradicated. The supermassive black Hole in the center of the Milky Way galaxy is the lake of Fire, the eternal prison of God which will hold and torment even eternal life forms such as fallen angels with out them being destroyed for ever. See the book ‘The angry eye of God ” for scientific and biblically corroborative proof of existence of this Lake of Fire and Hell and jehovah God at This plan of ages is written in the bible with millions of codes. God is Definitely real and all powerful and He ins. so scoff at your own risk. This thing is way bigger than you can imagine.Rapture is this month September.October 2015. I’m gone.

  32. Thanks. At least GOD is the only who has ability to know our thoughts. N the backside never shows because its heavy on that side

  33. La empresa Siemens fue fundada el 12 de octubre de 1847 en un piso interior de la calle Schöneberg nº 19, Berlín por Werner von Siemens y Johann Georg Halske, bajo el nombre de Telegraphen-Bauanstalt von Siemens & Halske, a partir de 1897, Siemens & Halske AG. A fines del siglo XIX comenzó a construirse Siemensstadt en Berlín, un barrio residencial e industrial que acoge a sus empleados.

    1. If there were Moon Niggers where would the welfare office be?
      If there were Moon Niggers how would we get the Welfare checks from the Earth to the Moon?

  34. their is something up on the moon..what/who it is, is beyond me..but their has been objects
    seen by US landing partys..and they were told! to IGNORE IT..and continue on with their mission! What Kind Of Bullshit Is That?? If we traveled all the way to the Moon,and Saw Something There..would it not make sense to find out what it is!!?? The Government is Blowing Smoke Up Our Asses..and WE are expected to just take their shit, and carry on as if nothings out there?? One day..I truly hope that someone in the know has enough Balls to let everyone know the truth about whats really out there…but…until then we are to walk around with our head up our ass.

  35. Yes, Ultra Nationalists that believe their country is superior and the white race is better, have had bases on the moon.

    We usually call those bases the “US Apollo program”

  36. i suspect the nazis ideology and hinduism play a strong part is past parties that did eugenics of centuries, lets face is how many times to the Lord or “GOD” destroy civilization to herald in the new Man..theres prolly a reason the feel chosen

  37. Hi guys. I am intrigued by this essay. How would I be able to get to said Nazi base on the moon? It seems like it would be neat to explore. Would I need to bring air with me? Or would they provide it when I get there? Thanks for all your help. By the way, check out my youtube channel at

  38. whoah this blo is great i really like reading your posts.
    Stay up the good work! You recognize, lots of people are
    lloking around for thiis information, you could help them greatly.

  39. maybe before all the smart comments we are talking Nazis unlimited resources human lifes etc plus victor shalberger I think the guys name was elecro magnetism anti gravity was a big thing with the Nazis usa and us lot soon went in nicking research papers plus operation paper clip truths known the stuff what appears in our skys is a result of the Nazis work that the usa have continued ?

  40. ALL of this was made possible by a lowly remote viewer named Maria Orsich. She told the ss about the different alien races living inside the earth. She even told them how to navigate the ice and rocks and enter the inner earth. She even told them what gestures are considered peaceful to these folks, and their alphabet.This is the reason the nazis got so far ahead. They realized, if you have scientists working with remote viewers, you save alot of time. For example, instead of spending billions of dollars, and decades of time to discover how to manufacture element 115. A remote viewer can tell them what elements to slam together the first time. Which, would OBVIOUSLY give any military a vast advantage hmm? It wasn’t until the 70’s before the US and Russia finally realized this fact. So, yeah, the nazis will always be more advanced than we are. But there is going to be a breaking point. The everyday citizens are VERY tired of having every aspect of their everyday lives micro managed by the remnant of the third reich. They even took thousands of Jewish slaves with them. Fortunately for the world, the nazis forgot an old wisdom. Idle hands are the devils workshop. There is a reason GOD forces everyone to work, as opposed to having slaves do it. Once mankind had been contaminated with sin, we had to work to survive. Just to avoid endless wars, and rebellions. Because of the ice melting, the remnant of nazi power recently made contact with the powers that be worldwide. Soon, the US military will receive a distress call from the rebels who want freedom from the nazis in Antarctica. As a remote viewer, trust me on this one. THE US SHOULD DEFINITELY HELP THE REBELS! The technological payoff will be unbelievable. It will advance our military technology by about 80 years.

  41. Haunebus are real. My second car is a Haunebu! It goes 80, 000 km per sec.— in space that is.

    But the flying discs are homegrown technology. Not from little green men. All flying disc, triangles, cigar-shaped objects, etc. are German craftmanship. These old photos are just early prototypes. The new ones are far more sophisticated, much more advanced.

    Oh, by the way, watch one take out a space x rocket:

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