The moon is a hollow spacecraft.


Several science fiction books of the early 20th century, including H.G. Wells’ “The First Men in the Moon,” take place within a hollow moon inhabited by aliens. In 1970 two Soviet scientists took this seemingly whimsical premise a step further, proposing that the moon is actually a shell-like alien spacecraft built by extraterrestrials with superior technology and intelligence. According to astronomers, the moon—though admittedly enigmatic as far as celestial bodies go—couldn’t maintain its mass and gravitational field if it lacked a dense core.

The Spaceship Moon Theory, also known as the Vasin-Shcherbakov Theory, is a theory that claims the Earth‘s moon may actually be an alien spacecraft. The theory was put forth by two members of the then Soviet Academy of Sciences, Michael Vasin and Alexander Shcherbakov, in a July 1970 article entitled “Is the Moon the Creation of Alien Intelligence?”.   Vasin and Shcherbakov’s thesis was that the Moon is a hollowed-out planetoid created by unknown beings with technology far superior to any on Earth. Huge machines would have been used to melt rock and form large cavities within the Moon, with the resulting molten lava spewing out onto the Moon’s surface. The Moon would therefore consist of a hull-like inner shell and an outer shell made from metallic rocky slag. For reasons unknown, the “Spaceship Moon” was then placed into orbit around the Earth.   Their theory relies heavily on the suggestion that large lunar craters, generally assumed to be formed from meteor impact, are generally too shallow and have flat or even convex bottoms. Small craters have a depth proportional to their diameter but larger craters are not deeper. It is theorized that small meteors are making a cup-shaped depression in the rocky surface of the moon while the larger meteors are drilling through a five mile thick rocky layer and hitting a high-tensile “hull” underneath.   Additionally the authors note that the surface material of the moon is substantially composed of different elements (chromium, titanium and zirconium) from the surface of the Earth. They also note that some moon rocks are older than the oldest rocks on Earth.   They postulate that the moon comprises a rocky outer layer a few miles thick covering a strong hull perhaps 20 miles thick and beneath that there is a void, possibly containing an atmosphere.   In 1975, Don Wilson[disambiguation needed] published Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon in which he compiled what he considered supporting facts for this theory. In 1976 George H Leonard published Someone else is on the Moon in which he reprinted numerous NASA photographs of the lunar surface and suggested that large scale machinery was visible in these pictures. Readers have generally not been able to see these artifacts.



Suniti Karunatillake of Cornell University suggests that there are at least two ways to determine the distribution of mass within a body. One involves moment of inertia parameters, the other involves seismic observations. In the case of the former, Karunatillake points out that, “[O]ne such parameter, the normalized polar moment of inertia, is 0.393+/-0.001, which is very close to that for a solid object with radially constant density (0.4; for comparison, Earth’s value is 0.33). As for the latter, he notes that the moon is the only planetary body besides Earth on which extensive seismic observations have been made. These observations have constrained the thickness of the moon’s crust, mantle and core, suggesting it could not be hollow. Karen Masters of University of Portsmouth similarly suggests that, based on the behavior of objects interacting with the gravitational field of the moon, we can determine the mass of the moon. Given the observable size of the moon, we can then calculate the density, which strongly rejects the notion that the moon could be hollow.


  1. What’s inside our Moon?A Dark Moon before Christ & a Moon of Light after Resurrection Messiah the Historical Vortex Symbol for the First Moon ‘Squatting’ by the Galactic Federation.

    Selamat Jarin! We come yet again with more to tell you! In the past few messages, we have described to you some aspects of our fleet operations and the changes taking place in your reality. We would now like to focus on our headquarters on Mars and our base on your Moon.

    Your Moon is an artificial construct that created to be a special tactical station attached to Orion Empire fleets of the former Anchara Alliance. It formed part of the fleet that conquered your solar system about 1,000,000 years ago. The Moon’s purpose was to be the main defense coordinator for the former planet that was between Mars and Jupiter. When we came to liberate your solar system about 900,00 years ago, this planet and its armed moon were a major threat to our success. Our incoming fleet deployed a powerful battle planet of its own to destroy this Anchara/Orion Empire base; it was reduced to rubble and the result was the Asteroid Belt. The battle moon was temporarily thrown into an erratic solar orbit that ran between Earth and Mars and finally, about 25,000 years ago, was placed into its present orbit as Earth’s Moon.

    Your Moon is a unique construction. Before it sustained severe battle damage, it had a thick, Earth-like atmosphere and several oceans and seas. Scattered across these seas were many small landmasses where reptilian and dinosaurian engineers created an eco-system similar to ones found on moons in any human-stewarded solar system. The aim behind this terra-forming was to disguise the true purpose of this sphere:

    beneath this veneer, the Anchara Alliance had constructed a metallic globe out of a special titanium alloy whose special properties could not only greatly magnify the cloaking shield around the main weapons and control stations found in its core, but also maintain the illusion of the Moon as a benign and quite natural satellite. Its interior housed 16 levels containing laboratories, control centers, and 24 major weapon stations. When the Galactic Federation battle
    planet blasted the Anchara headquarters, this ‘moon’ fired upon and caused major damage to our battle planet. In the ensuing retaliation, this battle moon was severely damaged and thrown into an orbit between Mars and Earth.

    Once in solar orbit, the battle moon was captured and boarded by Galactic Federation forces. It was deeply scarred and adrift. Later, when the Atlanteans and their off-world allies decided to sink Lemuria, this moon was retrieved, partially refitted, and moved to its present spot as a proxy for one of Mother Earth’s two natural satellites, both of which had been used in the destruction of Lemuria. This Moon was used until very recently by the Anunnaki and their Anchara Alliance allies as an orbiting base to observe and control what was happening on the surface of Mother Earth. The Moon was now disguised as a lifeless orbiting body, but underneath her surface, the interior base had been completely modernized and organized as a mothership controlling a large, hidden fleet. The remnants of its former luxuriant eco-system were mined for the minerals and ores needed for the constant renovation of the base and it’s fleet of spacecraft. Then in the early 1970s, the Galactic Federation annexed a section of this inner-Moon base, which then served as our primary headquarters here until the early 1990s.

    During this time, we watched the Anunnaki, their Earth
    minions (your secret government), and elements of the Anchara Alliance work together to control your world and further the dark agenda. Your Ascended Masters told us that this manipulation had been going on for millennia, but was now approaching its prescribed end. The divine timing for this was the first decade of your twenty-first century. Procedures and programs of various sorts already set in motion in your society made this shift inevitable, and our role in this was to move rapidly when so directed by them. We were to remain in place and be always ready to complete first contact when your Ascended Masters gave us their ‘go ahead’. Our section of the Moon base was under constant duress from the Anchara Alliance until the mid-1990s. Then the Anunnaki changed sides and helped us to take over the whole Moon base without arousing the suspicions of Earth’s humanity. The unified Moon base became the center of our Earth operations.

    The Moon base coordinates a number of inner-Earth
    bases set up at facilities that were created after the fall of Lemuria by its predecessor, Agharta. Here we monitor the hidden activities of your secret government’s underground bases and maintain a close and continuous surveillance of your world and the workings of the last remnants of the dark. This last cabal is closely watched for any transgressions it might attempt that go beyond the limits set for it by your Ascended Masters. From our Moon base, we can swiftly interpret their machinations and take decisive countermeasures. Needless-to-say, we prevented many of their more dangerous and heinous plots from manifesting. And in the meantime, their unconscionable agenda had become increasingly apparent to many powerful individuals and groups in your global society, thus allowing our Earth allies to garner new associates from among those who are now deserting this cabal in droves.

    While certain important activities, such as the forgoing, are orchestrated from the Moon base, our command center for the entire operation is on Mars, hidden within the vastness of its interior. The constitution of Mars, as previously noted, is quite different from the ecological reports proffered by your science. This misleading charade was intended to keep you believing that you are alone and the only sentient Beings in this solar system. It is part of an extensive system of control to prevent you from stumbling upon any data that could alter your conditioned view of reality. Nevertheless, we do exist and are very close to completing a first contact with you. These proceedings will include an invitation for you to tour the various bases and living facilities engineered by Galactic Federation scientists. The personnel at the Mars base are looking forward to meeting you and showing you their set-up for the first contact mission there.

    As you can see, this first contact mission has many aspects, of which the two most important are the stations on your Moon and on Mars. This Moon is filled with historical implications. His 16 levels, each with myriad sub-levels, once housed endless laboratories and testing stations where its former denizens carried out a variety of experiments on your ancestors, and even on you. The horror from these dark procedures still enshrouds many of his lower levels. Our intention is eventually to make this place into a memorial when the world we know as Bellona is restored. This trans-Martian planet was where many of the dark’s malevolent plans for this solar system were first hatched. We propose that this planet and its fifth moon have a permanent memorial placed upon them. Remember, Together We are Victorious.

    Today, we have taken another look at our bases on your Moon and on Mars. These bases and our entire first contact fleet await your visit. We look forward to the coming celebrations with glee. In this regard, we ask you to stay focused upon and firmly committed to your inevitable victory.

    We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours!

    Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram!

    (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

    The Sirian High Council: P.A.O.

    1. According to the 12th Planet by Zecharia Sitchin: The planet between Mars and Jupiter you speak of was called Tiamat. And it collided with Nibiru during a crossing, shattering it to pieces. One piece formed the asteroid belt and the other half formed Ki (Earth), Kingu was Tiamats foremost moon and during the collision ended up circling Earth…So this story and your story seem to be clashing a bit…what is going on here?

    2. Ok, if your an alien, you better get out of the inner solar system, because humans will colonize and terraform the other planets, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Moon is a possession of Earth human race. Currently we have no way to enforce our claims but when we do, we will get spaceships and colonize all the solar system.

    3. I don’t know weather it is because I want there to be some truth in this that I find this believable, but please if this is true please show me. I feel I have had a waisted life and would like to think it means something and would love to make some sort of contact so as that I know everything I believe in is true.

      1. Michael, would it cheer you up and give your life meaning if I came over and had hard anal sex with you for a few hours?

    4. You have been warned more then once. The human race is not able to fully understand all the finer details of their past. Any more interfering with the humans will force us to take action.

    5. Brilliant!! I’ve been following and ascending with GFL, Listening to Matt Muckelroy on his Galactic Federation of Light YouTube channel!! Listening to Archangel Micheal’s messages, yours as well! Just today I learned about the great galactic wars….crazy! But I know it is true as I am, in the 5th dimension of course xx Peace love and Devine light xx

    6. Hello friends…from a friend… if you have the ability and the technology that you say then you know where to find me and to contact me

    7. I have been on a lifetime historical journey. And from the Continental rift of the Pangean contient just 4000 years ago. An act created to speed up the rotation of our planet to make what if you consider 24 hour periods of night and day or longer to just what we have today. The inner section of Pangea was to hot for habitation and the outer regions to cold. This also decreased the size of all life. Say humans being around 30 to 50 ft tall and the alligator and crocodile being say the Alisaurus and Crocodile a Trex? Then I consider that our planet has been mapped for thousands of years from an aerial perspective. And as well as the planets have had names for thousands of years and the stars have been mapped just as well. And tonight on May 21 2017. It dawned upon me. Where to hide the truth is in plain sight. The moon is a space craft. A method of space travel that really only makes sense for travel in space. Noah’s arc if you will. Or the ship of the Creator. I think of things like the farmers almanac and it’s disclosure of weather patterns set in stone ahead of time. I also think of the story of Christ or Julius Caesar actually.. How a star showed up that was not part of the night sky and is kinda left in a mystery of what happened after the birth. I am speaking of a historical sense leaving the religious aspect out of a true account of history if you actually read it for what is written within the story. Another truth hidden in plain sight as well.. Because the worship of Ra turned into Greek and Roman mythology into the mythology of today Zeus and Jupiter being Jehovah and Allah. Ra worshipped the sun and the mythologies worship the son. But the truth of the creation of life and the true age of all life as well as our planet is not nearly as old as is told. Time is a constant and light doesn’t travel in a rate of speed at all. This I know. Hell, to determine a speed is as easy a math problem of time and distance as well as a radar gun. Which rates time and distance using a programmed distance in the gun. And light can’t be determined because just as the sun coming over the horizon. It immediately lights up the area in which it comes to. The Death Star is based upon fiction with true engineering capabilities to travel from planet to planet. Earth’s rotation is now at around 16 thousand miles per hour. The size of the planet and they speed of the rotation is a perfect fit as not to mash everything into the ground. Common sense of looking at things. A rocket propulsion system is not required for motion in space. And to travel being pushed would create an unsustainable g-force regardless of the vehicle. So size of the object at a rate of motion that creates momentum in space is actually a simple size to weight to the ability to move even a moon with just simple rotation. As say our earth around the sun in just 24 hours. That distance is quite a ways. Say to Mars and back in just a few hours. I have so much more to share. I am tired of beating my head against the wall. From things like true natural eternal life of just being born again if replanted and the simple natural life of all natural resources that constantly replenish themselves. How all life depends on each other for the natural balance of our planet itself. My phone number is 828 448 7255. I am from North Carolina. I am not educated through indoctrination. I have read the works and have read the true story within the story and know so much truth and just like the moon coming to me today as a spacecraft. I know there are many of us who are truthers because we have been here before. Our dreams and birth marks as well as memory is beyond most. We are not volunteers. We are Natives. If you follow what the botanical definition of a word used in ways to hide more truth in plain sight. Help me help our planet. Or give me the honors of becoming a part of the right and good. My punishment for being a good damn human being has gone on long enough. The truth is within me for a purpose. And each day I become more aware. And this itself is maddening to say the least.

    1. Too much for some people to wrap their heads around. Remember that you are a free spirit and don’t need to be so institutionalized and close-minded.

  2. The Moon is hollow, because it was created by an explosion, a collision with another planet. It is not an ordinary planet because it is the remnant of an accident. But it’s natural, not artificial.

  3. follow me here a minute if you will… In order to get a (some-what) complete understanding of the events that took billions of years ago one must take a subjective look at all the evidence presented before them. You can’t take a biased tunneled vision look based on your preference or belief and come up with the answer, that is to say that if you are say christian you can’t sit here and look at all this from a christian perspective, or if you are an atheist you can’t deny religion as a source of evidence or information. I have spent 10 years researching and thinking about this, trying to put everything I know about religion, everything I know about science and history, and archeology and even mythology and folk-lore and trying to put it all together to form a sort of logical explanation. What I’ve come up with is this. The earliest thing we know is that when the dinosaurs were alive, everything on Earth was much larger, the creatures, the plant life there was even more oxygen. At one point a cataclysmic event took place that killed off most life on earth and re-shaped the earth into what we know today. We know that at one point all the continents were connected and somehow they separated into the continents we know today. From the work of stichin we know that the summarians believed that a small planet named nibiru, impacted the earth, thus taking about 40% of the planet with it and debris flung into space forming the asteroid belt. The event would have been very violent, but after the dust settled so to speak, the shattered tiamat reshaped itself into a spherical planet and the planet nibiru was trapped in its gravitational pull. BUT what if this planet was no planet at all but rather our moon, and what if it was some kind of gigantic spaceship carrying with it life as we know it? Follow me here, say the moon killed the dinosaurs and re-shaped the earth. MAMMALS are another question I have, at some point between the dinosaurs dying off and human beings appearing came mammals. We’re mammals as well. BUT science teaches us that mammals evolved from dinosaurs which makes absolutely no sense when you think of how different the two species are (one lays eggs, cold blodded, thought of to be more reptilian in nature and then theres us and cows and dogs and cats). What if, we’re part of the same family BUT not of this planet, what if we were brought here inside the moon?

  4. I also want to add to my story if you want to read on. So, there is a lot of evidence which we can see touch and smell and study around the world which we can use to support this theory. Almost every religion in the world has a creation story which talks about the begining. I’ll use a few: Christianity: God created the earth in 7 days, in the begining there was nothing, then came lava, waters, everything then on the 6th day man and woman (this could be a span of millions of years), The mayans believed that the earth had been destroyed before a few times and that they were living in the 4 or 5 world (can’t remember exactly), Also most religions if not all believe that their gods or dieties live in the sky and that at one point or another they came down to earth and passed on their divine knowledge to us. Jesus, Quetzal (the winged snake) etc. Thats all besides the point, do some research and you’ll see what Im talking about. As far as physical evidence goes, look all over the world. Cavemen depicted astronauts on cave walls If I were to write on the amount of evidence out there to support the theory that there has been intelligent life in this planet well before us I would have to write a book on this page. My point is IF the moon were in fact proven to be some sort of space craft then everything we know about history will finally reveal that the clues of our origins have been right in front of our face this whole time. Even more importantly we are not alone in the universe… I think there are definatelly aliens on earth… and they are called human.

    1. Whether or not the moon is a spaceship or just the moon it does seem to be inhabited by someone/something. There is a documentary on netflix called “aliens on the moon” where you can see many non- natural designs/buildings on the surface and even a “smoke stack” looking object that appears to release some smoke/exhaust as the camera goes over it. I was impressed with the documentary, i definatley recommend watching it.

      1. I also watched this documentary and found it so interesting. It opened my eyes to so much. Also there is a few videos on YouTube claiming the moon is a hologram. Sounds silly but after watching recorded footage through a telescope of what looks like a wave cross the moon ( like a flickering hologram) it didn’t seem so silly. Really worth looking at and would make sense that if the moon was used as some sort of space ship to disguise it.

    2. Chris, I have to say that in all my years of researching the matter. Your views make the most sense to me. You have opened my eyes or should I say educated me even more. Thank you soo much

  5. it doesn’t matter if the moon is or isn’t hollow, most regular humans are never going to be able to afford the trip to see the inside or outside of the moon. It takes millions of dollars just to put fuel in a rocket plus pay all the people to man what ever it takes to make the darn thing run!!!
    I would hope that if our moon is just a big space ship it was put there for our protection from all the other worlds that we have been told don’t exist. Maybe its a big force field to keep out all unwanted guests from dropping by unannounced and eating us for dinner. In the future when the time is right all our answers will there, until then it will always be who can out guess who. Until then keep on shining and may the man in the moon have the last laugh.

  6. The Moon is hollow on the side facing us and the bulk of it’s mass is on the far side. Thus the gravitational pull should rotate the far side toward Earth. Why doesn’t that occur? The Moon’s orbit is nearly perfectly circular and is synchronous facing rotation to Earth, which is an anomaly compared to all other Moons we observe in the Universe. The Apollo misson came back with Moon rock that was more than 5.3 billion years old, yet Earth is tested at 4.3 billion years old. The Moon has dozens of minerals that are plentiful yet the Earth has little to none of the same. Geological testing has revealed that the tides on Earth did not occur until between 12k-15k years ago. Is that when the Moon arrived? Also, the near side of the Moon has more craters than it should since Earth is shielding most of them. The far side has much greater impacts as would be expected. But where did all those huge craters come from on the near side since they are primarily direct perpendicular impact? i.e. Many of those craters would have been blocked by Earth. Some things to think about.

  7. in order for the moon to eclipse the sun as t does in eclipses and solar eclipses it must be at the exact distance from earth, it is so much smaller than the sun, so the odds of the moon being at that exact distance are 1 in 137 zillion yes with a z. This could not be possible naturally must have been placed in that exact orbit a mile less or more and there would be no eclipse.

    Also why do you think we stopped visiting the moon.

    we dropped the lunar lander on the moon and we heard a hollow sound that cold not be produced in the moon were solid.

    now the best out of all the planets we can see, so many millions of millions and those are just the ones we know about, how can you ever imagine that we are the only intelligent life in this or any solar system. We are not alone get over this.

    This does not mean Jesus or Good does not exist either, there is room for all.

    Thank you Jesus for helping me when I needed it as I always do. You have carried me when things were bad and I ask that things be better please for my daughter my family and friends and all of humanity. I know your there. Help, Help us all. Protect us and make us prosper.

    Amen – Live Long And Prosper And Believe In Your faith, I Choose the God of Abraham and believe in Jesus as Jesus has helped me whenever I asked. I am not a religeos person belive it or not, I do not goo to church, but I can attest that there is a GOD and Jesus has helped me just as for what you need and help others when you can.

    God bless everyone and may peace be upon our earth and our moon even if it is a spaceship put here to help us by whomever.

    Love and Light to all.

  8. Hollow moon huh? What a wacky notion. Sumerians knew how, what, why and when everything happened and changed.
    First, geologists know by solidification of lava where the poles were in relation to the lava at the time, latitude and longitude of the lava and tidal forces of the moon, by those forces could determine how far away the moon was from earth and it’s orbital velocity.
    Now, we know that the moon is slowly receding in orbit from the earth. Why? Because now the earth doesn’t have enough mass to hold it in its former orbit. Sumerian enuma elish explains that the earth, tiamet, was where the asteroid belt is and was struck by something massive, causing cataclysmic events. Two examples, extinction of all life on earth but microscopic life, the cracking and tectonic action we see today as in the splitting of Pangaea, and the drifting of plates all toward the Pacific, and that ring of fire. Earth/tiamet was knocked from its orbit to where we are today.
    The geological data suggests the remaining material of the asteroid belt added to earth would make the moon’s orbit solidified at roughly 15,000 miles from earth, meaning earth to be heavy enough to hold it. Now, knowing the constant rate at which the moon is being lost to earth, a couple centimeters a year, we can take the current distance of the moon and backtrack how long ago it would take for the moon to be where it was. It’s in a ballpark, more like the infield of 252-255 million years ago. A stretch you say? It also coincides with a major extinction level event where all life pretty much ended, Pangaea broke up and earth got its wobble.
    Astronomically, numerically, earth should not be in its current orbit around the sun, and again we revert to geological data in ancient basaltic rock, we can see weaker tidal actions of the sun, meaning earth/tiamet was farther away from the sun, roughly where the asteroid belt is now.
    With that being said, we know the earth isn’t hollow, the moon can’t be hollow, Mars was too small to have much nuclear material to sustain a molten core, but there was water millions of years ago, probably from the impact on earth sprayed water into space, collecting on Mars from impacts of icy chunks and other debris as its proximity to the belt and why it has two ice satellites.
    Geologically speaking, if you want to argue this scientific explanation, go argue with a chunk of granite or basalt and see how far that will get you. Now as for the “age” of the moon, people are saying this age of being older than earth, so says NASA, which is a crock of ****. NASA has said the moon is the same age, and the rocks they brought back prove it. One or two chunks may be older but that is easily explained by the fact our galaxy alone is twice to 3 times older then Sol, so debris is out there that was created or left over by the previous solar systems before us.
    If you want to talk about aliens, refer to Atlantis, 10,000 yrs more advanced then we are today so their technology far, far exceeds our own level of primitive understanding, but Plato said they were humans so… But, but… We are finding evidence of nuclear bomb sites thousands of years old in India, northern Africa and all over the middle East. Who did this, why, and who survived? If a nuke in space blows up over the US, it will destroy all of our technology, we would be put back to the stone age, the world would. We would have all this knowledge, but lose it until we got technology back to record it. That explains the mysterious start of the ancient Sumerians, who popped out of nowhere only to start a full blown civilization seemingly in less then 100 years with thousands of firsts all of a sudden created at that time. That time was about the closest we can deduce of 7603 bce, or as Plato described many thousands of years ago, which coincides with Atlantis disappearing and the age of the nuclear blast sites we are now uncovering.
    Maybe some from Atlantis survived, and they are watching and waiting to see if we make the same mistakes and maybe intervene when necessary and why we need to put aside our current petty differences and unify against a completely different set of humans from a long ago time whose morals and ethics could be vastly different than our own today. After all, this does account for all the different races we see in humanity today. If, white man only evolved from 8,000 years ago, new studies suggest, when did Asians? Native Americans who share mitochondrial DNA with Asians but 25,000 years apart, and all races anatomically slightly different? Take cats or dogs for instance, is a chihuahua different then a great Dane? But they’re dogs? So are humans different, but none better then the next.
    So what are we learning? Hindsight is 20/20, but we need to remember that history and learn from those mistakes. Two mistakes we are currently doing are religion which put us in the dark ages only to have a rebirth of knowledge and understanding, and now politics is doing the same thing, putting us into yet another dark age which is leading us to another global war/crusade. It’s time for science to take over, not religious or political dogma, but cold hard facts, not beliefs. We see how beliefs caused the crusades, or currently this jihad could ignite another dark age.
    We have to remember our past to move forward and grow to our full potential and see what’s out there, around us or we’ll start all over just like the Sumerians did. Again.

    1. – O LFV não devia ter deixado o passivo chegar a isto …. PONTO! Agora tem de fazer vendas estúpidas (as vendas reparem, as vendas…) porque foi néscio na gestão dos dinheiros do clube – ISTO É UMA EVIDÊNCIA!!! OU SEJA METE-SE PELOS OLHOS DE.NTO!!!!!!!.R. de quem quer ver claro!!!!BICADAS – TOUCHET MANO É ISSO TUDO QUE ESCREVESTE às 17.36!!!!!!!!!

    2. Hi Peter I enjoy your palm reading a lot, thank you so much for this information. I have to marriage lines: the first is up close to the Mercury finger, long, firm and clear but slightly curved down… and the second is weak and short but rising up to the first line, however they don’t encounter with each other also another interrupted line rise up from the Mount of Venus to the first marriage line. What does it mean? could you explain this for me please. Thank you.

  9. You have to look further regarding HG Wells. One must look at the unpublished pages in his book Time Machine, where he continued to go into the future. He describes things that were not known at that time, such as describing the earth no longer spinning and the sun as a red dwarf ready to engulf the earth. This gives one to wonder if in fact he really traveled in time. This makes one wonder if he knew more about the moon than he actually published. Just a thought.

  10. The moon is simply a metallic tank that was used to bring water to the earth. The volume of the moon is just slightly more than the volume of all the earth ‘s water. The hollow metallic nature of the moon was demonstrated by seismic measurements made by Apollo astronauts when they crashed the lunar module onto the moon’s surface from orbit, which rang like a bell for hours from the contact.

  11. I wonder, the moon has the greatest know influence on the waters on earth. Has anyone tried to investigate claims of the moons claimed arrival and the postulated date of the great flood?

    1. It might have been a tank that was used to bring the water covering 70 % of the earth to our planet. There’s no good explanation for where all that water came from.

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