The Face On Mars. And the pyramids on Mars.


The “Face on Mars” is one of the great modern mysteries about Mars. The “Face” first came to our attention 22 years ago, and debate about what it is has raged ever since. Let’s hop in the Wayback Machine and return to 1976.

The Viking spacecraft reached Mars in July of 1976. It had two missions. One was to send a lander down to inspect the surface of Mars. The other was to orbit the red planet, within a 1,000 miles of the surface, and take thousands of pictures to help to determine the best landing site for the Viking 2 spacecraft due to reach Mars in a few weeks.

On July 26, 1976, during Viking 1’s thirty-fifth orbit of Mars, a set of photographic images arived at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. One of the photographic frames, taken in the northern desert Cydonia region, showed a mile long, 1,500 mesa that looked like a humanoid face.

NASA has attempted to downplay this image from the start. After showing the JPL press corp a slide of this remarkable image, Viking project scientist Gerald Soffen attempted to explain it away by saying that a picture transmitted a few hours later, of the same region, revealed that the image in the first photo “…was just a trick, just the way the light fell on it.”


When it comes to the Face on Mars, people tend to believe one of two things. That the “Face” is:

A. A striking pattern of light and shadow cast by hills in the area.

B. A sculpture carved by sentient (intelligent) Martians.

According to author Robert C. Kiviat , “NASA’s planetary scientists have maintained over the years that the face is a natural rock formation produced by wind erosion and that the particular lighting angle at which it was photographed created its resemblance to a human face.”

A key member in the opposing camp is lead by Richard Hoagland, a former member of the JPL press corps, and the author of “The Monuments of Mars.” Hoagland has led a long investigation into the Vking data. He and his team have analyzed different photographic frames, taken at different angles, weeks apart. He claims that he and his researchers have considerable evidence that the “face”, as well as some nearby pyramid-shaped objects and other “artifacts,” are the work of sentient creatures.

Hoagland first became involved with the Martian face in 1981. He attended a science conference where Vincent DiPietro and Gregory Molennar made a presentation. As Hoagland puts it, “These two computer-imaging experts had obtained data tapes of the face and had enhanced it. Their photographs showed some remarkable, stunning detail that was not at all evident on the raw image.”

Hoagland came to agree with Molennar and DiPietro’s contention that the faceappeared bilaterally symmetrical. According to Hoagland, he saw that the face “…had features which were humanoid, and it seemed above chance that it also had the right proportion.” It was at this point that Hoagland began to consider that the face might have been constructed by intelligent beings. By 1983, Hoagland came to be convinced of the face’s intelligent origin, leading to his fifteen year quest to “prove” the face on Mars is proof of intelligent life on Mars, as well as to try to get NASA to a send a photographic mission to Mars with the primary purpose to get new, better shots of the Martian face.

Some people in the science community disagree with the conclusions of Hoagland and his people. According to Michael Carr, the head of the original Viking orbiter imaging team, “Not one person of scientific credibility believes this.” As to the existence of Martian pyramids, in close proximity to the face, Carr states that he is not aware of a “single Viking image that has pyramids on it.”

While Carr DOES agree that some JPL staff members DID notice the Cydonia mesa’s resemblance to a face when that photgraphic image was originally received, he claims that it was published by the lab “only for laughs.”


NASA has claimed for years that the “face” on Mars is not a face and doesn’t offer proof of intelligent life on Mars. Recently however, following new Mars pictures taken of the Cydonia mesa, NASA claimed that these pictures, which apparently show no face, are “proof” finally that the Martian face never existed. If NASA never believed the mesa was a face, why would they make such a big deal of “proving” the non-existence of something they never believed in the first place. That’s like a guy buying land that supposedly has no oil beneath it, then digging a dry hole to “prove” there’s no oil. Why bother?


We find it ironic that NASA, who tried really hard to get the world to believe ancient bacteria on a meteorite came from Mars (which is looking more unlikely by the minute), would put so much energy into the notion that intelligent life couldn’t/didn’t exist on Mars. We thought NASA’s mission was to explore space, reporting back to U.S. citizens, WHO PAY FOR ALL THIS THROUGH THEIR TAXES, whatever they find. Wouldn’t finding proof of some ancient, Martian civilization be the greatest NASA accomplishment since sending men to the moon. You would think so.

Based on the “proof” currently available, we believe it is difficiult to prove or disprove that the face on Mars is a genuine alien artifact. Until NASA sends a rover or manned team to the Cydonia region where the” face” is, the existence of an alien created face on Mars will remain a mystery.

We believe the American people are interested enough in the answer to this cosmic question to pay the bill. If intelligent, alien life once existed on Mars, the American people, as well as the world at large, deserves to know.

If NASA is ever to live up to the “Star Trek” credo, continuing to travel, “…where no man has gone before,” a manned mission to the Cydonia desert region is a good place to start. NASA, make it so!

The pyramids on Mars.

Is there life on Mars? Mankind started looking for an answer to this question in 1976, after the publication of the iconic photo depicting something that looked like a human face on the surface of Mars. Many said that the Face on Mars was only a pile of rocks, some explained the photo with light tricks, but the origin of the face still remains a secret. There are scientists who say that it could probably be a message from an ancient civilization, which may have existed before or still exists underneath the surface of Mars.

Powerful telescopes from a spacecraft orbiting Mars have found new evidence to prove the existence of life on Mars. Telescopes took pictures of nine pyramids on the surface of Mars. The pyramids, as it seems, are not of the natural origin. The images include striking statues of human and animal faces, clearly visible from space, as well as large drawings featuring the profiles of primates and canines.

Andrew Basiago, the president of Mars Anomaly Research Society, named the discovery ‘A New Cydonia.’ The scientist believes that there were three civilizations on Mars, one of which was hidden underneath the planet’s surface.

The scientist previously said that the pictures, taken by Spirit rover, contained images of five primate species, one of which he named ‘Sendak.’ Basiago is certain that Mars used to be a home for a highly-developed civilization. However, a space catastrophe, which supposedly hit the planet about 11,500 years ago, destroyed nearly everything on the Red Planet, as well as Atlantis on Earth. Some of the Martians, the scientist believes, moved to Earth afterwards.


  1. I think we all know the truth that there is an diffrent form of being out there the government and nasa and scientist are just trying to cover it up .and some of us just arent ready to embrace the truth yes to that there was once life on thoes planets and yes that thoes are faces and pyramids .

    1. The catholic church is being propped up. If the face and pyramids are real it means the connection between mars and egypt = a mars civilization created humans. And they have bases here.

      1. actually, the truth is much lager than you suspect in your reality, hint; the flood of noah was shared with other civilzations such as the norse. the great flood that was ymirs blood is actually mars’s water that evaporated into the solar system during an accidental with dimensional technology. the situation created a causality rift between these two planets and the flood was the water from mars raining on earth. the causality accident is so large, that it takes and act of deffiant will to not only see it, but break it. and it looks like the rift is going to not come again because this technology we have is deiffernt…as we colonize mars again… the only other way out is to establish the loop into infinity which means living enough times to toally eplore the loop which will end the causative form. MORE FUN with super strings!

    2. yes indeed i agree with you. People aren’t ready to know the truth. They are all brainwashing us by watching television and all these kinds of technology.

      I recommend watching Spirit Science.

    3. the funny thing is that I have found the exact same face and pyramid in the atlantic ocean off the east coast of the U.S. however, when google earth updated, they wiped it away so you cannot see it now

    1. the moon has been proven it was a planet that collided with earth its not a ship we just got lucky so aliens intervened and created us that’s why we will never find the missing link but sorry the moon is not a ship

      1. U are very wise. Neptune the Asteroid belt moon and earth were all one. Until the big bang which was really a nuclear explosion. So we’ve been scowering the universe for millennia. If not infinitely!

  2. It astonishes me at the audacity of some people in the government who try to do our thinking for us. To paraphrase Carl Sagan, “If we are the only intelligent life in the entire universe, that would be an awful waste of space.”

    1. Yeah but Carl Sagan was so against all of this. He was against reading too deeply into pattern recognition and using faulty reasoning to make fraudulent claims. He really wanted to believe in an alien life and he believed that it’s probable, but he didn’t have any evidence and therefore didn’t make any claims, which was a good idea. Read his book, A Demon Haunted World. It goes into this exact stuff and why it is wrong and why it can be disproven. To leave off, I’ll paraphrase him. “Don’t waste neurons on something that doesn’t work.”

      1. @sam – You idiot. Your representation of African Americans people as dumb, sub-literate and aggressive is hysterical. Appallingly shameful and tragic, but hysterical none the less.

    1. Yes and got voted into power…now nothing is left…Mars ..what a good example of South Africa’s future.

  3. A fascinating discussion is definitely worth comment. There’s no doubt that that you should write more about this subject, it may not be a taboo subject but generally people don’t talk about such issues.
    To the next! Kind regards!!

  4. Such a cool website! The face and pyramids I wish I could find more about them from NASA, because they are so interesting and imagine life on another planet! What if there is life in another galaxy? Maybe even more intelligengt or more advanced than us! I hope that one day when I am a adult I can help learn more about this kind of stuff!!!

  5. yes it is correct, that was actually a human face we got that crafted years ago when we visited Mars, there are many such proofs which show that we were trying to evolve a new life form called humans on a possible planet. and moon is not a space ship its just matter brought to earth which was necessary for rotation of earth, billions of years ago we recall, we used d far relay bridge what you call wormhole…. and d pyramids are transmitters we used, they analyze the energy stored and hence d possible magnetic moment of a planet that it can have in free space, which is used to analyze the amount of energy it can generate and the resources planet contains… the energy of course is electrical in nature from which other forms of energy originate, but it is not independent….

  6. We are kidding ourselves…If we think WE are alone.

    I have always questioned our progress with flight in the past 100 years. We have had help.

    I also question the similarities between the pyramids in Egypt and Mexico. Alien technology…I think it is very probable.

  7. The latest photos, taken with significantly superior cameras than what was on Viking, show what it really is. No face, no pyramids, no sphinxes, just rocks.

    I agree with one point. There’s no way we’re alone in the universe. It’s just too big, with too many galaxies, suns and planets. But this solar system? There’s nothing else here.

    1. I believe in life on other planets. I have seen a UFO. They may be odd-shaped rocks but the newer, better, pictures might well have been messed with to discredit this story.

      The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.

  8. I’m pretty sure that what they aren’t telling us is that all the planets are pyramid-shaped, and were all constructed by alien civilizations as an array of antennae, possibly built by a long-dead alien mission trying to reach home. It seems pretty clear to me. You’d think with their tax-funded telescopes that someone could just give us the straight story.

  9. That is a vanished civilization,same like ours going to vanish too,there will be also continuation to our race somewer in the space,we will figure out a way when life will be consumed on earth,we ourselves are aliens,we came from mars and other planets.the governement and nasa covering up this and they are in contact with aliens that’s why technology and science growing so fast since the 70’s


  11. NASA is covering up the real story! If you take a look at the Sumerian clay tablets, specifically Sitchin’s 4th Tablet, there is plain evidence for alien activity on Mars. Alalu, one of the Annunaki gods would died on Mars (Lahmu) while amongst 300 odd ‘igigi’ (Annunaki miners). Alalu was buried in a cave within this rock mountain and sealed up with rocks. The Annunaki used beam devices to carve a representational face of Alalu looking to the heavens so views of ‘Nibiru’ and ‘Earth’ (Ki) could be seen as a means of rememberance for this Niburian God.
    If Sitchin’s translation of this specific clay tablet is correct and I assume it is relatively on the mark, some profound questions need to be answered… it is about time the public were told the truth no matter what the outcome.

  12. NASA is full of crap. They know this to be a face, I know they wish they’d never published these pics. The scientist that say it’s artificial just want to keep their jobs and credibility. Anytime the government is hiding or covering something of this nature up, they tend to make those who believe seem silly in what they see. It does not take a high level degree to see this is a damn face. IF it looks like a duck quacks like a duck, it’s a fuck’n duck.

  13. i think theres a branch of our specis living under the seas..youd be shorter from the water pressure,.head would have to be bigger to be a center of downward gravity…skin would be pale to gray from no sunlight,.eyes would be big and black to collect light,..wouldnt need ears..what if ufo’s were water filled..could one tolerate those g-forces..?..just a thought

  14. Much ado concerning items that we KNOW exist right here on our own planet! And we can not figure out how or why they exist here! We know ” A PEOPLE” constructed pyrimides, erected monuments with “faces” left behind petrogliphs drawn into the planet of people, animals, activities, and “land marks”. So how can ANYONE no matter the I.Q level, beleave that its coinsodent or impossible that its happened else ware!!!!!

    1. Here, here! I agree 100%
      There is too many artifacts around the world that depict the same alien gods. We have had great help in the past. There is no way possible that these primal, early people had knowledge of our solar systems structure, to then build structures mimicking the stars and planets positions!
      Dag gone man, it was just 300 years ago that we thought our earth was flat. These wonders of ancient people’s structures and pyramids, calendars etc. ,are far more advanced than we are now…as far as the knowledge possessed vs what technological abilities were posessed!
      They are the missing link. Came and gave us great knowledge. Our civilization grew overnight.. they went somewhere to sit back and watch, or still dabble….or maybe still here.
      I believe NASA and our government has knowledge but feels we are too stupid to handle the information. Maybe some of us are, but there’s a movement under way to slowly plant the idea in our possibilities.
      I also believe that the Catholic church has more knowledge than we could imagine. Maybe even ability to contact our earlier visitors. I do believe that they will show themselves one day.
      The comment about them living in our waters, is right on target! I believe they are living under our noses and taking our people for hybridization of the two species AND I believe our own government knows it. The USA Wouldnt tolerate things that they don’t know about just flying around in our airspace without doing something about it……unless they already know about it!
      Really fascinating stuff. Wish I knew of a gathering or conference regarding these issues. A gathering of alien theorists.

  15. I do believe that aliens have visited earth many times. Our history will continue to unfold the real truth. We have progressed with technology way to fast in the last 100 years…not to have had help.

  16. lol you’re all crazy! hoagland is a charlatan and is paranoid! ever seen the clearer cydonia pic? it’s NOT a face you anti-science nitwits. ALIENS ARE NOT REAL!

  17. The Face on Mars, was built by the Pre Flood civilization centuries before the Great Flood mention\ed in the Bible. These people had the time, resources and the intelligence to do it. They had 900 year life spans and a single world wide language . Think of it if Galileo, Newton and Einstein being able to work together for not decades but centuries what mankind would be doing now in 2014 had these great men of relatively modern time were still alive today and had been for centuries and they pooled all of their knowledge together for all those centuries mankind would PROBABLY already have been to the nearest stars around us.

  18. Getting pyramid, face etc. is really very interesting .I think some facts are still hidden ,which may bond earth and mars together.LETS HOPE FOR THE BEST.One day will definitely come when we can solve these mysterious questions and can give a new turnover to the mankind.

  19. Well there’s deffently something going on. Not really sure what but I’m pretty surtain that NASA is in charge of the cover up or a division of NASA and our space program is a puppet show to hide the real truth. I don’t think you have to go all the way to Mars to find off planet evidence of ancient structures. Just look at our own moon, Gaint smoke stack and other evidence is just a small space trip away. I would love to see more private company’s plan missions to the Moon the MJ committee would flip out lol.

  20. I pity all you “believers”. You better attend school and first of all do learn you language well.

    1. Why pity? And… Go back to school? What, to learn what the government’s want you to believe and hade the truth from everyone.
      There is more than enough questions that the government refuse to answer or put right and that’s a fact.
      The problem is with society today is if you get told something from a high source you take it as fact even if there is no actual truth behind it.
      I would rather believe in something that is yet to be found (or already has but hidden from us) than be stuck in a narrow minded world acting as a slave…
      Just saying :-)

  21. I have just finished reading this article and comments, and I’ve been inspired to leave my own point of view. Nobody here actually knows the truth, remember that. Unless you can source your facts, saying we once lived for 900 years sounds bogus. Also, 300 years ago nobody thought the world was flat. If you want to be taken seriously as a movement, cut the crap and form logical and informative conclusions that you can back up. Proper grammar also goes a long way…

    That being said there is surely something more than what our governments tell us. Humans are led to believe we are far more advanced now than ever before, and many of us have realized this couldn’t be farther from the truth. We have built many advanced civilizations throughout history that have utilized electricity and other technology. You can credit this to aliens, but my personal understanding is that Humans have been advancing much longer than the history books would have you think. We are being misled. The world now runs on greed and capitalism, which is a failing system. We have been distracted by media and wealth. The powers that be are trying to keep us in the dark and easily controllable.

    It is my belief that the world was once full of people connected to the land, connected to the universe. We had powers and intuition that helped us advance tenfold.

    These ruins on mars could very well be aliens, but they could also be evidence of an ancient human civilization. We’re currently living in the dark ages. I don’t know the truth, and if your on this web page than neither do you. History is constantly being rewritten to benefit the current worldwide agenda. Don’t be fooled by the media. Stay sharp. Don’t be a sheeple.

    KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, not speculation.

    1. Right on ! Unfortunately much of accepted ‘facts’ of origin of humans is deliberately detrimental to any spiritual thinking. Whether this is purposely contrived one can only guess but common descent reduces our existence to mere flukes of nature with no real purpose other than to reproduce ! Any other purpose is created and has no basis in naturalism.

      Of course whether much of the evolutionary propaganda be true three is definitely something missing from the equation. 194,000 years for Homo sapiens to be living in caves or whatever before becoming civillised makes no sense. Seems very strange how since the start of these early civillisations advanced knowledge of astrology was also abundant. Wow ! What leap from cave dwelling ! Lol. Like you say a huge part of the story is not being told.

    2. the even more sad thing is I have found the exact same positioning’s of the pyramid and face off the east coast of the U.S. in the Atlantic Ocean, but since Google Earth has updated to this quote new version… any sites that the imagery had caught has been wiped clean and all you see is hills…

  22. You people are really, really, REALLY stupid for still believing something that’s been debunked over and over again. Just because you don’t understand real science and don’t want to listen to logic and reason doesn’t make everything a “government conspiracy” or you morons otherwise right in anything. Now please go learn something constructive, like how to remodel a bathroom or something.

    1. Says he who has yet to master the English language. Real science? It’s obvious to even the most casual of observers that you need a dictionary, and a tighter leash.

      1. I remember when trolls could actually troll worth a fuck. Go back to trolling Bronies on Youtube, fucktard.

    2. 20 bucks says you’re Jewish. The chosen people whose god says “you [jews] are better than all other people.” Have the most to lose from proof of alien life. If aliens exists, then the bible is proven fiction, and you are no longer gods chosen people and you no longer have an excuse to demolish towns and then rebuild them as “new settlements”, nevermind that settlement is an outright lie and miss use of the word. If something was going to oust you as a chosen one wouldn’t you do everything you could to prevent it?

  23. If Extra Terrestrial life IS real, we are a long way off before they would be willing to come speak with us…. Imagine the difficulties that communication with an alien race would pose. Considering how few of you that have posted can spell very well or type out a complete sentence, I hope they give mankind a few more decades.

  24. Read David Icke’s “The Biggest Secret”. The reason we haven’t discovered the “Truth” is because They don’t want us to. They being the ones in power, who want us to continue being sheeple for their own gain. Those who speak up get silenced. Those who defend the governments and rulers are either part of the system or being mind-controlled by Them i.e puppets. There has been a paradigm shift, more and more people are Waking Up. And They don’t like that. Why do you suppose there is so much crime, wars, conflicts, cruelty and hate in this world? It’s to keep humans divided, keep them preoccupied so they are blinded to the truth.

      1. Wow, TheSaintOfPain…I can feel the vitriol from over here, and your pain and confusion too. You have to read David Icke and other conspiracy theorists with an open mind. Not everything they claim will be accurate, because they are not The Almighty, but also not everything they say is rubbish either. You need to find your own Truth and Wake Up. Awakening happens in stages, sometimes something happens and accelerates it. Thanks to You, TheSaintOfPain, I did more research on David Icke, and am now even more convinced his messages on Spiritual Awakening and Human Consciousness are 100% correct. You may want to do some soul-searching about your own source of angst and frustration, and ask yourself why you feel the need to attack others. Find your own Truth. Namasté.

    1. Typing new-age bullshit at me doesn’t change the fact that David Icke is still a complete liar and utter moron, and that you’re obviously stupid enough to believe his bullshit.

      1. New age bullshit? People have been studying and mapping space for thousands of years. It’s one of the oldest academic functions in human history. New age would be “I know everything and if I don’t agree it’s dismissed as wrong and tossed aside no questions asked”. Honestly kid you belong in North Korea.

    2. Just because your IQ is less than that of my left nut, and you’re also a lot less useful, on top of being too fucking stupid to see through obvious bullshit, doesn’t mean everyone else are the stupid ones. Seriously, go smack yourself in the face with a sledgehammer, because you obviously have no brain and are completely fucking useless and wasting space and air. Oh, and go fuck yourself while you’re at it, just because.

      1. Note: TheSaintOfPain is a TROLL and has decided to change his name to attack mine. Please do not feed the Troll named “AlyZen Monshadow is completely fucking retarded” (his name, not mine btw). If I were really retarded, I would sue Jeremy (oops that IS your real name, right, The SaintOfPain or is it another name you hide behind?) for libel.

      2. AlyZen Moonshadow, I am NOT a troll, but someone who actually has a fucking brain that I actually fucking use, you worthless fucktard. I don’t like wastes of life like your retarded ass, and get sick and tired of your Goddamned stupidity. Go fucking kill yourself and fucking be done with it, you useless Goddamned faggot.

      3. Attacking someone’s IQ for not believing exactly what you believe, why does that sound familiar? People like you, since you change your name so often we will just call you schmuck, schmuck have been persecuting anyone with an open mind for all of recorded history. You attack what you don’t comprehend and you force your beliefs on everyone. You are what is wrong with the world today. You give humans a bad name and I’m ashamed to be categorized as the same race as you.

  25. You people are so sad. Your lives are so incredibly boring that you belive in aliens and ghosts. The universe isnt complicated; we’re the only ones here… with it.

    1. You might be right about ghosts, I’ll give you that one. But, you are absolutely wrong about extraterrestrials, mainly because the universe we live in is infinitely large, so by default, there has to be some form of intelligent life out there.

      1. I agree with you we are not alone out here anyone can say or think what they want but the universe is big you right there surely must be one form of life out there

    2. Well considering I have experience as evidence for ghosts I consider your comment invalid. Not everyone is or ever will be open to such experiences. Most people aren’t. If I was to say I don’t believe in ghosts now then I would be lying about what I saw heard and felt.

      1. Greetings S P. Bob here. (Too Human)

        I never used the word evidence. My point is that most people, such as you, don’t believe & that there are folks like me who not only believe, but know they exist. I wasn’t trying to prove anything, just posing another angle.

        I’ve been seeing, hearing & been touched by ghosts since I was a toddler & I’m now 56 yrs old. I’m not surprised if you don’t believe because I didn’t believe either until it was proven to ME, so many times that I can’t count. My grandmother’s boyfriend died when I was a teenager & I saw him plain as day sitting next to his bed after he died.

        Thanks. Bob

  26. Oh lord you all really believe this. NASA never pushed the ideal of intelligent beings on mars and they released the face image mostly as a joke. Please study more updated pictures of this region. The “face” is a combination of awful clarity of the camera and the shadow casted from the sun. This is just a foolish article to think that NASA wouldn’t report if there was signs of life. What would keep them from reporting this?

    1. I have seen a lot to question what I do know is government has its own language and do you know how to say
      FUCK YOU in government new speak
      . TRUST ME.!

  27. Face on Mars and pyramids maybe real. If they are found to be authentic it’s the workings of the Fallen One Satan. His plan is to deceive the world. Satan and 1/3 of the angels were kicked out of Heaven. Satan is the ruler of this planet but he does not hold the title Christ does. He is a Created being by Christ. His time is short and as we get closer to Jesus returning mankind will be more deceived. The UFO explosions is nothing but fallen angels, in the end its my belief and I believe the Word of God points to the fact that these fallen angels will make themselves known as mankind’s helpers and point to one (the anti-Christ) a person named Satan that’s incarnated to be the one answer to all religions and mankinds problems. Many will be decieved. Your only answer is Christ he is truth.

    1. All I read here was, “Holy shit I’m fucking retarded and need to be put down like a sick dog.” Take that bullshit you, for some God-awful and stupid reason, believe in, find the highest spot at the Grand Canyon you can, and then JUMP OFF.

  28. Hey J & Mr. Pain.
    Some food for thought: Most people I know believe in the possibility of ghosts, but most strangers I observe say most don’t believe in ghosts. Conclusion: I say that most people don’t believe in ghost, many do believe in ghosts & those who have seen, heard & been touched by ghosts, like myself, cannot deny the fact that they exist, or else I would be dillusional. Most people haven’t experienced ghosts, but once one does, one knows, and doesn’t just believe.

    1. Uh… is there a point to that mish-mash of random words? Because I can’t seem to find one anywhere.

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