Aliens inhabit the moon.

In the 1820s, the Bavarian astronomer Franz von Paula Gruithuisen claimed to have glimpsed entire cities on the moon with his telescope. He wrote that the “lunarians” who lived there had built sophisticated buildings, roads and forts. Most of his colleagues scoffed at his assertion, but he eventually got a small lunar crater named after him. Sir William Herschel, a prominent British astronomer and composer, also thought aliens lived on the moon and made regular observations about the progress of their construction projects.

In 1835, when the New York Sun published a series of fraudulent articles about the supposed existence of life on the moon (pulling off the so-called “Great Moon Hoax”), it falsely credited Herschel’s son John, a famous astronomer in his own right, with the shocking discovery.


  1. it is all true. i talked to the devil myself ahd he told me it was. the nazis clearly were way ahead to there time. Heil Hitler////////////////////////1

    1. Superiority in what?? The only inferior race is the one that procreate you….I firm believe that your mother never procreate you….she just went to take a shit…and..oh …no….there is…marvin the marthian swiming in the toilet…..

  2. Sorry, clearly scripted and acted. I’m a believer, but not of this. This sort of contrived footage does more harm than good to the cause. About as believable as the “Blair Witch Project’!

  3. Hey Marvin,

    Are you insane??? 6 Million people got gassed and many millions and millions died
    because of Hitlers evil mind,and you say something like that??! What the fuck is wrong with you man???!!!!

  4. Marvin the ‘Marthian’ obviously hasn’t gotten to grips with Earth vocabulary yet. He is a good example of why cousins shouldn’t marry and procreate.

  5. As a firm believer in Extraterrestrial Life,it is quite odd as in how one can view almost the entire planet of Mars from NASA telescopes fairly close-up and how We can only view maybe 2-5% of the Moon.Is there somethings They don’t want the People to see?Are they afraid most people would start having other worldly thoughts and panic?So many questions and theory’s.

  6. I think that there is extraterrestrail life, but not on the moon. The moon has no atmosphere, and the teperatures are too extreme. But there is life out there. I am sure of it.

    1. My auld fella was an astronaut. He was involved in the back engineering of the Roswell 1952 alien drone ship crash. Him and his best mate went to the moon and opened a disco. It was only open one week but closed because it had no atmosphere..

  7. The Aliens told Neil Armstrong to keep his human ass on earth because they wouldn’t pay for Mud Shark Welfare of Black Astronut Welfare either…

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